Hiking in Kythera Greece

Waterfall at Mylopotamos Kythera

Kythera is an island which combines many kinds of tourism: Religious, Archaeological, Ecotourism, Speleological and of course a variety of unspoiled beaches. The rich and diverse natural beauty of the island attracts everyone who loves hiking. Here are the most well known trails. Here is a video with amazing photos from the routes of Kythera. … Read more

A Classical Wonder of Greece – The Antikythera Mechanism


Welcome to the Mysterious Shipwrecks and the Amazing Mechanism of Antikythera – The World’s Oldest Computer. The seas have always been seen as both beautiful and treacherous at the same time; especially the balmy, blue-green waters around the beautiful islands of Greece. Their lush waves and tides instill a sense of wonderment, and yet also … Read more