Weather in Greece Best 12 Months Planning

Greece weather and planning your vacations are three things that the traveler to Greece must take into significant consideration before they go to the country. The reason? Greece is a great all year long destination; proper planning means experiencing more in Greece. Also, read this post on when it is the best time to visit … Read more

The secrets of Ancient Greek theaters

Ancient Greek theater Delphi

Here is the reason why to visit all Ancient Greek theaters! Perhaps you have already seen pictures of the Ancient Greek theaters. They are of great importance and part of Greece’s history. Some of them are active and many festivals are organized there today. They are famous for their acoustics. For example, you can stand … Read more

The Best Ways To Send Parcels To Greece

The Best Ways To Send Parcels To Greece

We understand that getting your parcel delivered safe and sound is a priority and that sending your parcels long distances can cause worry. There’s little to worry about when sending your parcels to Greece. With these top tips, you can be confident that your parcel will arrive safely and on time, whether it is an … Read more

Best Hot Springs in Greece to Heal your Body 2023

kaimaktsalan - Best Hot Springs in Greece to Heal your Body 2020

There are fantastic facilities for hot springs in Greece. The practice dates back to ancient times.  The country has these unique thermal spa locations where the essence of nature, minerals, and water, mix with the senses and relax and heal you. These healing mineral springs are thermal water spas. Hot springs are areas with warm … Read more

Best Bareboat and Skippered Yacht Charter Sailing in Greece 2022

Yacht Charter Sailing Sailing Mamma Mia Church

A&C offers bareboat and skippered yacht charter sailing in an unspoiled and picturesque corner of Greece that offers numerous quiet bays and small villages with waterfront tavernas and easy access to the Sporades islands, including Skiathos, Skopelos, and Alonissos. As a small organization, they have the time, enthusiasm, and knowledge to provide everything you could … Read more