Ikaria Surf Greece School

If you like things to be wild, natural, and beautiful, then the island of IKARIA and SURF have many things in common. One phrase (Ikaria Surf), many experiences.

Both share the eternal teen spirit of a culture that doesn’t get old, and they both carry the promise of a magical world that will permit you to discover something new about yourself.

Ikaria Surf is a lifetime experience

The Ikaria Surf school respects and functions under the philosophy of sustainability and an alternative touristic approach. They focus on empowering the training of their guest-student to get the most of a lifetime’s experience. Fun, affordable, and safe learning is, and always will be, a high priority for their certified surfing professors and collaborators.

Lessons at Ikaria Surf School

You can learn and have a great experience from a variety of things. Read more for some of them provided by Ikaria Surf school.

Surf Lessons at Ikaria Surf School

  • Ikaria Surf School’s surf lessons, are held by experienced instructors certificated by: SurfingGB and ISA. Our instructors are also trained as lifeguards, certificated by: SLSA, ISLA and Lifeguard Hellas.
  • Advanced Training Techniques are also taught: We use video analysis for the extent technical improvement of our student’s skills.
  • Capturing Your Life’s Moments: Our photographer is capturing every moment of the course for you to keep your great surfing memories!

SUP lessons

  • SUP is a sport that is fully depended on the weather conditions. We divide sup courses in flat and wave courses.
  • Flat courses: Are held on non-windy days, and are ideal for beginners to get familiar with balance and movement on the board.
  • Wave courses: Students that already attended and have developed skills in handling a flat-water sup can follow our wave courses. They are strictly held in small wave waters, and their timetables are adjusted in order to allow a happy co-existence with Messakti swimmers.

YOGA lessons

Ikaria Surf School offers yoga lessons on the beach, whether you surf or not.

How about a sun salutation on a peaceful beach, facing a breathtaking Aegean sunrise or sunset? Yoga and surf are two complete systems of wellbeing that compose a holistic lifestyle approach for the body and the soul.

And there are more things to do there. Grab a bike or hike through fantastic scenery. Ikaria Surf can provide you with lots of info plus the equipment for all these. Don’t forget to experience the famous life moments at Ikaria island. Ikaria is an island worldwide renowned for its style of living and the longevity of its habitats.

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