Keros Lemnos Greece Kitesurfing Windsurfing in 2023

You wake up in a 5-star Luxury Safari tent in Lemnos, Greece (also known as Limnos).

You have your breakfast on the patio. You have a view of the beach. Crystal clear waters, endless sandy beach.  Windy, uncrowded.  Super safe bay, a perfect place to learn and to progress for windsurfing and kitesurfing.

It sounds like the trip of a lifetime on some remote island in Fiji.  Too far away, too expensive. Guess twice. Welcome to Keros beach, on Lemnos Greece island.

Keros beach in Lemnos, Greece, is a relatively new destination, rapidly gaining popularity worldwide, especially in the Balkans.  People from Bulgaria, Slovenia, Romania and not only, are visiting every year.

This is for many reasons, watersports-related and not.  First of all, Lemnos Greece is one of the closest Greek Islands to the Balkans. You have to drive to Kavala and then catch the Ferry (about six times per week).

Lemnos Greece is an excellent place with natural landscapes, lots of sunshine (285 days per year), and excellent local cuisine and wine.

Away from mass tourism, Lemnos Greece is an island for you, If you want to visit Greece like it was 40 and 50 years ago. There are lots to do and see on the island. It is not uncommon to see older people riding donkeys or going to the well to get their daily water supply. And then there is Keros beach, for watersport enthusiasts and not only.

Keros, a vast, sandy beach with shallow turquoise waters, blessed with Meltemi wind.

There is a magic flat section on the Northside of the beach, a bump and jump section in the middle, and small but friendly waves on the South end.  And the spot is empty. Even in high season, there are top 50 riders on the beach, and the beach is 3 km wide so that it can handle many more with absolutely no stress.

Conditions in Lemnos Greece

Lemnos Greece is an average wind spot, with the Meltemi usually blowing force 4-6.  Some days can be flat, but some days can also be super strong, like most Greek islands. You should expect to use kites between 8-12m but often smaller.

The best part is the beach morphology, offering complete flat sections and a mini-wave spot at the same beach. For those big wave fans, the island features one of the best wave spots in Greece, Gomati, but it is primarily a winter spot, so chances are better if you visit early or late in the season.

About Lemnos Greece

Far away from mass tourism, Lemnos (or Limnos) resides at the North-Eastern part of the Aegean Sea, still offering deserted beaches (more than 100), idyllic small villages, archeological sites, and natural reserves.

Located where the Meltemi wind starts its journey over the Greek island, Lemnos Greece in ancient times was also known as ‘Anemoessa,’ which means ‘windy island.’ What makes the island so attractive is the unspoiled terrain and the natives.

On Lemnos, you can see Greece as it was 30 or 50 years ago.

The local wine, cuisine, the unspoiled landscapes, and the idyllic beaches will want you to stay forever.


Keros bay is within an environmentally protected area.  The scenery is unique: dunes, salt lakes with flamingos, and isolated beaches full of tiny shells make you feel like a completely different continent in Europe or Greece.

Around Keros, you will see lots of wildlife, including millions of rabbits, hawks, and even flamingos, in Europe’s only natural salt lake.

The beach and the windsurfing school

The beach is sandy, the waters are turquoise and crystal clear, and the wide bay makes it super safe.  In the middle of the bay, you will find Surf Club Keros.

As they say, Surf Club Keros is a windsurf school that started from riders for riders, so the vibes are mellow, and the smiles are broad!

Equipment-wise, you can try out brand new equipment from brand new 20134 industry-leading Cabrinha kites and boards!


Being within an environmentally protected area means no significant buildings around Keros, hence no hotels or studios by the beach.

  1. But you can go ‘Glamping’.  You can stay at Surf Club Keros Lodge & Spa which is located on the hill besides the bay, in one of their Luxury Safari tents, combining the feeling of camping with the luxury of a hotel room.  The tents are very spacious (25sqm for the double and 35sqm for the jumbo tents) and feature wood decking, high quality furnishing, a bathroom and shower, plasma tv, but the best part of living there is the view you get every morning when you wake up-or while you are having breakfast in bed!  Highly recommended!
  2. If you are on a smaller budget, you can choose to stay ina  simple, cheap, clean and cool ‘Mini safari tent’, which is equipped with basic furniture and electricity, whereas you can use the public facilities (showers / wc) which are very close.  Nature lovers only!
  3. Everything booked out?  Don’t worry, you can bring your own tent, or rent out an igloo tent from Surf Camp Keros!!!

Getting to Lemnos Greece

Flights: You can fly to Athens (ATH) or Thessaloniki (SKG) and pick a domestic flight to Lemnos (LXS). From the beginning of May till the end of October, there is a Thomas Cook direct flight from London. There are also domestic flights from

Ferries: There is a daily ferry from Kavala to Lemnos and 1-2 Ferry per week from Thessaloniki to Lemnos, Greece. Visit the Surf Club Keros website for more info and directions.

Extra activities and services

All sports & Yoga: Every day, there are two Yoga sessions on the Yoga deck, where you can experience a unique Yoga session overlooking Keros bay.

Here you become one with nature, as you are exposed to the elements and wildlife of the ecosystem.  It is not uncommon to see rabbits, and wild birds, just a few meters away from you while doing Yoga.

On the other hand, for the more adventurers, they have the all sports program, which includes mountain bike trips, SUP excursions, day trips, and different kinds of social events that will allow you to explore the island a bit more and fill in nicely any day with no wind.

Kids club:  The Surf Club Keros kids club is where our little friends can spend the day in a friendly and playful environment, while mummy and daddy are windsurfing, kitesurfing, or relaxing!

Special workshops and events on Lemnos Greece

Now and then, they organize specialized events such as:

  • Dan Sweeney Advanced Kite clinic: June 2014. Get tips and tricks from UK’s kite champion
  • Tony Frey Girls Windsurfing Camp: 26-30 May 2014. Learn from one of the most dynamic female windsurfers and have fun at the same time!
  • Indra Thorsten Action Photography Workshop: 1-5 June 2014. Learn tips and tricks from one of the industry’s top photographers.

Contact the organizers through +30 6942 98 21 02 or their contact data below for these activities in Lemnos, Greece.

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