Leipsoi Greece Small Colorful Island for Peace

The island consists of just around 16 sq. km, but the continuous vista changes are notable. Crystal clear beaches, excellent local food, and wine products will drive crazy the most demanding for green and ecological nutrition.

Leipsoi Greece (or Leipsoi) are famous for their thyme honey. The island is moving forward also to its sustainability by adopting the “green energy” concept.

It is alleged to be the second in Greece, fully utilize energy production from renewable/recycled sources.

Lipsi Greece
Leipsoi Greece beach

The island (or better, a group of islands) is located around 11 nautical miles east of Patmos (so you can also visit this magnificent rich religious history island) and eight n.m north of Leros. It still keeps the Aegean sea identity with beautiful white houses, tranquility, and peace.

Some significant monuments and places of interest are the island’s churches, dating from the 16th century. An example of this is the church of Panagias of Harou, famous for the picture of Panagia (Virgin Mary), who holds in her hands the body of Christ after being moved down from the cross.

The place is famous for the red wine they produce, and every summer at the end of August, there is a significant festivity celebrating wine which usually holds for three days.

For those who will choose to attend with their own or rented cruisers, there is also a natural harbor available and a small but modern marina. Every summer, open seas lovers are hosted here, exploring the island’s beauty.

You won’t need a bus. The size of the island is suitable for going through it with either a bike, foot, or public bus. After all, the only place with houses (the “city) is at the island’s center.

So, if you are seeking a place where peace, good nutrition, ruby wine, and friendly people co-exist, Leipsoi is one of these places to stay for a few days.

You can see adorable photos from Leipsoi, Greece (or Lipsi) here (a stunning slideshow).

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