Paragliding Greece: Flying with a paraglider

Are “the skies” your element? Do you dream that you fly? Come and make your dream come to life. Escape from the exhausting rhythm of the city and of mundane life, and live a flight experience with a paragliding under complete safety.

We invite you to try a 2 seat flight (tandem flight) with accredited instructors, whose knowledge and experience guarantee complete satisfaction. In case you are addicted to flight “adrenaline”, then we will be very happy to have you to our paragliding training classes.

Paragliding, otherwise known as Parapente (in French), is the latest and simplest form of sole aviation. By using special equipment we can take off from a slope, utilizing updrafts to travel through air. This is actually an invention of some French alpinists, who wanted to come down from the mountains in an easier and fun way than the one they climbed up. Since its first appearance, in the 70’s, until today paragliding has evolved through technology to a brand new sport enjoyed by pilots all over the world, under complete safety.

About 2 seat paragliding flights (tandem flights)

Who is eligible for such? Actually, anyone who wants to experience that special feeling and freedom of “flying” is eligible. He/she has to be no over 110 kgr, and up to 60 years old without a history of heart diseases (of course for underage persons a license from their parents/guardian is needed).

When paragliding tandem flights are conducted? The flight depends completely on weather conditions. Therefore tandem flights can be performed all year around, if weather permits, and only after an appointment.

Where tandem paragliding tandem flights are conducted? As already mentioned the flight depends on weather conditions. The trainer-pilot consults weather prognosis and suggests the optimum location. Locations that are close to Athens are: Kithaironas (Plataies Thivon, around 63 km/1 hour drive from Athens by car) and Kantili Megaron (41 km/40 mins drive from Athens by car).

What is the duration of a paragliding tandem flight? Around 15 to 25 minutes, depending on the weather conditions. Our experience in tandem flights has proved that this amount of time is appropriate for your first flight, in terms of enjoying it.

What is the cost? The cost of a tandem flight is 60 euro

Do I need to prepare in some way?  The candidate passenger will need a windproof jacket suitable for the temperature of the season he/she will fly, along with comfortable –yet sturdy- sport shoes. The latter are necessary so during landing and taking off process to be able to walk steady on the ground. We suggest no alcohol consumption or anything else that may influence your stomach in a bad way. If you wish, bring your camera and record your experience.

A few words about the training

The basic training is the foundation for proper and safe engagement with paragliding. This part of the training is essential for the future development of the pilot. We are aware that each pilot needs its own pace and time to assimilate and understand the principles of paragliding flight, thus progress varies per case. Proper weather conditions are another key factor related to the new pilot progress. Thus, our trainers define and adjust the training schedule in relation with the needs of each student.

When it comes to the safety of the trainee, Oxygen Paragliding spares no cost! Basic training school functions with 2 trainers simultaneously, both for takeoff and landing, as it is defined by the rules of Greek Air Sports Federation. Latest technology equipment is provided, which is essential for the safety, easiness and enjoyment of pilots during their first flights.

Our key goals during basic training are:

  • The pilot needs to learn to complete a flight procedure with complete safety.
  • To offer to that new pilot the biggest smile and pleasure after that experience.

Ask/Call us for the complete training schedule. Our contact data are the right column of this page.

So, I hope you understand that engagement with this special sport, prerequisites a true love for flying, along with patience and persistence, like everything that matters. Paragliding will provide you a plethora of images, emotions and excitement. The peace and power of nature is out there expecting us to enjoy it. Oxygen Paragliding can responsibly get you familiar with this unique flying world of paragliding and offer you a unique experience, either as tandem passenger or a trained pilot.

Contact the organizers through: +30 6944507406, or through their contact data below.

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