Sea Bass Fishing in Greece

Fishing in simple terms refers to the removal of fish in water and since its commencement as far as human civilization dates, its definition has remained the same with the contexts changing with time.

In the past fishing was localized to provide food for the local communities and gradually it was commercialized to enable the larger population to access meals of fish.

The Greece natives identify themselves with fishing of Sea Bass as a tribal affair, and through the fish, they connect with their past of being the few first nations to make milestones on the modernization of the fishing art.

The Sea Bass Fish

The first step in the fishery identifies with the type of fish that you would wish to catch and the sea bass unlike the other common fish in Greece, it boasts of essential characteristics.

The Bass in Greece remains one of the toughest fish to catch a few people get the chance to boast of casting a fishing line to get the fish.

This elusive nature of the fish gave rise to idioms on ‘catch bass’ referring to getting a big win, and for this reason, bass fishing goes on as one of the best fishing experiences.

Features of the Sea Bass

The Greek origin of the bass fish allowed it to get included in the classification of species by early scientists into the family of Moronidae. The following features remained associated with the bass fish;

  • The bass fish has the length of around one meter, and despite this length, the fish still manages to avoid conspicuous to fishers trying to catch it both at sea and other water bodies.
  • On average values, the sea bass grows to weights of around twelve kilograms and even more depending on the diet of the fish.
  • The estimated and documented lifespan of the bass fish lies around fourteen and fifteen years while living in the wild.
  • The many species of bass fish found in Greece either live in salty sea waters while others also live in fresh waters of depths of ten meters.
  • The Greece Sea Bass live in schools while young, and the school numbers reduce to as little as five in the adult stages of the fish.
  • The sea bass prefers shallow waters which relate to the shore and the coastlines which remained filled with seaweeds during various seasons in Greece.
  • The body of the sea bass has a black background to bend with its habitat while the streamlined body of the fish aids while moving at incredible speeds in water.
  • The Sea Bass exhibits predatory features feeding on other small fish, shrimps and even sea mollusks.

Factors To Consider When Planning To Fish Sea Bass

Factors To Consider When Planning To Fish Sea Bass

The wind and current

The bass fish tend to swim towards the direction the current which in most cases is determined by the wind. The wind also helps to carry away any noise that arises from the contact of the water and the hull of the boat Ignoring these conditions scare away the fish a reduce the chances of making a catch.

Use a seasonal bait

The bass sea fish in Greece change the type of food consumed during different season hence identifying the period helps to determine the bait to use. The type of bait should be consistent with the color of the fish’s preferred meal at the time of the year.

Prepare for a physical battle

The bass fish possess a notorious characteristic of putting up a fight when being caught thus you need strength to pull the fish into the boat. In the same context, the fishing line has to withstand the tension brought about to catch bass and the hook sharp to pierce the bonny jaws of the fish.

How To Catch Sea Bass?

Step 1

Prepare by choosing your spot and the season to fishing and get the necessary equipment for sea conditions. The right bait selection relates to the selective nature bass bite their food. The freshly dead or live squid bait provide the best results.

Step 2

Attach the hook and fishing line to the pole before attaching the bait to the hook. While using the squid, use two or more baits to attract larger bass fish. The line needs to secure enough to withstand the weight of the fish.

Step 3

The bait needs to lay deep in the water to attract the bass fish. Reel the fish when hooked and with the help of gloves pull the line and fish into the boat.


The number of sea bass you can catch while in Greece remains limited to prevent overfishing. Always check the allowed numbers with the relevant authorities.

The Sea bass fish in Greece is delicious when consumed fresh and cooked either by grilling or boiling using the aroma-filled Mediterranean spices.

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