Canyoning Greece Mount Kissavos

Mount Kissavos offers many opportunities for activities in nature such as canyoning,  trekking, climbing and mountain biking. Mount Kissavos, or alternative Ossa, is a mountain in the Larissa regional unit, in Thessaly. A large part of Mount Kissavos has been declared as a protected region and is part of the “Natura 2000” network.  Canyoning in Mount Kissavos is a marvelous experience as there are so many different canyons at such close range.

Kalypso I canyon (Start 700m – Finish 500m – Drop 200m)with 6 abseils, 8m the shortest and 60m the longest, waterslides and large crystal clear pools is an ideal place for canyoning.

Kalypso II canyon (Start 500m – Finish 400m – Drop 100m)is the appropriate place for canyoning for complete beginners, families and children. A 20’ walk up in the forest brings us to the starting point of this section. Before we start the main descent, we move up in the canyon for another 15’ to the big water fall (75m drop) of the upper part. The scenery from the top of the canyon is breathtaking.

Kolopanou Canyon (Start 700m – Finish 400m – Drop 300m). It lays next to Kalypso to the south. Beautiful and very green as well, but in a slightly smaller scale in size, with 6 abseils and off path waking in amazing terrain.

Kakoskala Ia Canyon  (Start 1300m – Finish 1080m – Drop 220m). A small scale  canyon, with 11 continuous abseils, ranging from 2m the shortest to 8m the longest, and two beautiful water slides.

Kakoskala Ib Canyon (Start 970m – Finish 730m – Drop 240m). It is the natural continuation of Kakoskala Ia, with 4 abseils 15m to 25m length and some really nice water slides.

Kakoskala Ic Canyon (Start 730m – Finish 550m – Drop 150m). It is the continuation of the two previous sections Ia & Ib. It is ideal for adult beginners with its 7 abseils which range from 10m to 25m.

Kakoskala IIa Canyon (Start 700m – Finish 520m – Drop 180m. Very green with beautiful waterfalls and crystal clear pools, with 7 abseils ranging from 4m to 20m.

Kakoskala IIb Canyon (Start 520m – Finish 100m – Drop 380m). It is the continuation of Kakoskala IIa. There are 8 abseils ranging from 8m to 40m.

Kryoneri Canyon (Start 700m – Finish 540m – Drop 160m). There are only 2 abseils, 8m and 15m, and lots of natural water slides into deep pools from 2m to 6m long.

Giannoulas Canyon (Start 700m – Finish 460m – Drop 240m). It lays close and parallel to Kakoskala IIa. It offers 7 abseils from 4m to 22m in very dense vegetation.

Between each abseil of every section, visitors can enjoy marvelous off path walking as well as swimming and jumping in large deep pools.  Canyoning in Mount Kissavos is one of the most popular outdoor activity.

We want to thank Olympus Trek for their photography and help. Contact the organizer through: +30 6932545001, or through their contact data below.

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