Canyoning Greece Mount Kissavos

Canyoning in Mount Kissavos

Mount Kissavos offers many opportunities for activities in nature such as canyoning,  trekking, climbing and mountain biking. Mount Kissavos, or alternative Ossa, is a mountain in the Larissa regional unit, in Thessaly. A large part of Mount Kissavos has been declared as a protected region and is part of the “Natura 2000” network.  Canyoning in … Read more

Rock Climbing Meteora Greece

climbing meteora

Climbing Meteora is the ultimate climbing challenge for an experienced climber. The region of Meteora lies in the area of Thessaly in Central Greece. It’ s one of the most preferable place for climbing in Europe.   The rocks of Meteora rise over 400 meters above the Peneas valley and the small town of Kalambaka. Hundreds … Read more

Lake Plastira Greece Activities

Lake Plastira

Lake Plastira is one of the most attractive places in Greece. It’s the perfect choice for someone who looks for serenity in nature, as well as for someone who loves adventure.  Lake Plastira is one of the biggest artificial lakes in Greece, located about 25 km western of Karditsa. It was created thanks to the … Read more

Why to Climb Mount Olympus Greece 2023

Why to Climb Mount Olympus Greece 2020

Mount Olympus is well known for being the highest mountain range in Greece. It is located on the border of Macedonia and Thessaly and is roughly 80 km southwest of the city of Thessaloniki. Mount Olympus boasts over 50 peaks, numerous deep gorges, and features the most remarkable biodiversity.  The broader region of Mount Olympus … Read more

Hiking Agrafa Mountain Greece And Making Chilopites

Hiking Agrafa

The day was promising and the sun was shining while raising and glowing. A perfect day for Hiking Agrafa! Another great day was starting at Montanema, where we would meet Constantinos, our initiator into the hiking paths of Agrafa and the healing herbs of the mountain. But first, breakfast time at Agrafa. We were very … Read more

What Best Things To Do In Pelion Greece?

Pelion, Damouchari

Even adventure travel bloggers need to switch off sometimes and relax. We did that in a remote, beautiful beach village in Pelion Peninsula, Greece. The name of it? Damouchari. In that area, part of the famous Mamma Mia movie was filmed. Our hotel room was excellent, with a great view, within 3 minutes walking distance … Read more

Best Meteora Greece Hiking Through Spirituality 2023

Hiking Meteora Greece

Imagine a place where you lift your head to imagine giants, and maybe some angels flying with their blazing winds over your head. Welcome to Meteora Greece. Make sure to read our post for Meteora Monasteries. When you are at the location of Meteora Greece (it is next to the town of Kalambaka, Thessaly, Northern Greece), … Read more

Best Visit To Meteora Monasteries Greece 2023

Meteora Monasteries

You may have read our previous article regarding our trip to Meteora Monasteries, about hiking Meteora Greece. However, Meteora can’t be reduced to just one post. Here is another one about the Meteora monasteries we visited. Meteora is in the Kalambaka area, in Central Greece and they are a UNESCO World Heritage site. The word … Read more