Best Hiking Mount Ida Greece Trip 2023

Hiking Mount Ida (Psiloritis) in Crete

If someone tells you they were hiking Mount Ida Crete (Mt Psiloritis), better ask them which part and which side. Mount Ida Crete, also known as Psiloritis (translates to Tall Mountain), is the highest mountain of Crete Greece. Crete is a huge island, so you understand that hiking Mt Ida is not just simple hiking. … Read more

Adventure Activities to do in Crete

Adventure Activities to do in Crete

Better known for the extensive variety of natural environments it offers, the island of Crete, being the biggest of all Greek islands, is a heaven for those enjoying outdoor activities, challenges and fun. Endless opportunities to explore the local territory culture promise a souvenir made of ever lasting memories of a unique holiday. The island … Read more

30 Best Things to Do in Crete Greece 2023

Holidays in Crete: Sightseeing, Eating, Baking Bread

Crete, Greece, is Greece’s largest island loaded with everything from Greek cuisines, historic forts, and exquisite scenery. Some say it is a small “country” by itself. Thus, there are lots and lots of things to do in Crete, Greece. Are you planning your vacation? If you are wondering where to go this year, the answer … Read more

Sensational Best Beaches in Crete 2023

Best Beaches in Crete For All Traveler Types

What are the best beaches in Crete, Greece, many ask us! Indeed Crete is a massive Greek island, the largest island in Greece, and famous for its beautiful beaches, among hundreds of other activities, food included. It is also part of the five largest islands in the Mediterranean sea (the 5th one). Crete’s beaches are … Read more