Why Visit Samos Greece in 2023?

Samos Greece

Samos Greece is one of the islands of East Aegean and lies relatively close to the Turkish coast. It used to be a traditional Greek island and, at one time, boasted a long marble road lined with statues, but modernization has eliminated some of its former glory. That said, it is still a wonderful place … Read more

6 Megalithic Sites in Greece You Didn’t Know But Worth Visiting

6 Megalithic Sites of Greece You Didn’t Know

Let’s dive into a beautiful part of the Megalithic sites in Greece and the ancient history of Greece! Mega what? Surprisingly the word Megalithic means “Big Stones,” and the name is Greek, like many used in science. They are also known as Cyclopic (origins from the word Cyclop, which refers to a race of Greek … Read more

Pythagoras Caves Samos Greece

Pythagoras Cave

Pythagoras was one of the most famous ancient Greek philosophers and mathematicians. Among others, he is known for the Pythagorean theorem, which bears his name. Moreover, the Pythagorean cup is considered an invention of Pythagoras. This cup is a form of drinking cup which is only filled with a certain amount of liquid. If the … Read more