Agoriani Greece: Best 4 Days Itinerary


I have to confess that these holidays (Christmas), the whole universe conspired to make it very difficult for me to leave Athens. There were many signs indeed, but what kind of a traveler I would be if I wouldn’t ignore them? OK, maybe I confused you a bit, but I will explain immediately what I … Read more

6 Megalithic Sites in Greece You Didn’t Know But Worth Visiting

6 Megalithic Sites of Greece You Didn’t Know

Let’s dive into a beautiful part of the Megalithic sites in Greece and the ancient history of Greece! Mega what? Surprisingly the word Megalithic means “Big Stones,” and the name is Greek, like many used in science. They are also known as Cyclopic (origins from the word Cyclop, which refers to a race of Greek … Read more

Canyoning Via Ferrata Karpenisi Greece

Via Ferrata Karpenisi

Via Ferrata route at Karpenisi has it all. Forests, rivers, canyons, climbing, and terrific scenery. We have never been to the area of Evrytania before. This time we were invited by Sofia Flegka of Lecadin Hotel (the hotel is situated at a hillside overseeing the city of Karpenisi) to enjoy what the area has to provide. Our adventure … Read more

Reviewing Decathlon Mountaineering Gear

Reviewing Decathlon Trekking Gear While Climbing in Karpenisi

Most of our readers interested in hiking, trekking, and mountaineering have heard of Decathlon. The company is one of the top sellers of sports and outdoor gear globally. A few months ago, they approached us to discuss the possibility of a gear review for one of their product series. We agreed, and they soon provided … Read more

Best Mount Parnassus Greece Trekking 2023

Mount Parnassus Greece Snow Trekking

Mount Parnassus (mt Parnassus) is a multifaceted mountain of Central Greece, relatively close to Athens. Many interesting sites and landmarks reside on this mountain, like the Oracle of Delphi.  Parnassus was sacred to the god Dionysus. On top of that, in Greek mythology, this mountain was sacred to Apollo (thus the Delphi). Delphi is considered … Read more