Ferry From Crete To Santorini – 2023 Ferry Travel Guide

Many wonder if there is a ferry from Crete to Santorini Island. There is more than one, and we are here to provide you with all the info needed. The same info stands for a Santorini to Crete ferry trip too.

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Every once in a while, any family or individual would fancy traveling around the world to explore some of the beautiful things life has to offer outside there.

There are several destinations one can pick from among them being Santorini in Greece.

It has been renowned as the home of the most active volcano in the history of mankind.

This volcano is on Santorini Island. History has it that the eruption of this volcano was so big that the center of the island sank into a caldera. How to get from Athens to Mykonos?

It is not only the volcano that can make one want to visit this fantastic island but also some startling scenes like the villages and some of the best views around the world that will take your breath away.

Ways of Traveling to Crete From Santorini

santorini day trip

There are two primary main ways that one can reach Santorini Island from Crete. These are through the use of air or water.

If you opt for the former, you will reach Santorini airport. If you decide to use the ferry, then the most popular way to go about it is by using the Crete to Santorini ferry. How to get from Crete to Santorini?

Flights from Crete to Santorini

You can travel by air to Santorini (from Crete) through the airports of Chania, Heraklion, and Sitia. Different ferry companies like Aegean Airlines, SkyExpress are available, and there are high-speed catamarans too.

The flight takes less than an hour. Tickets prices change depending on the season and how early you book, so avoid last-minute “opportunities.”

Make sure you check prices and book way ahead of your day of arrival. 

Traveling Using the Crete to Santorini Route

That is the most fancied mode of transportation from Crete to Santorini and runs two times daily.

The overall trip to by ferry takes around 2 hours 30mins that is, if you fancy using the Heraklion Crete – Santorini route.

You will realize that almost all ferries dock as Athinios Port. There are available buses to shuttle the passengers to their favorite destinations on the island.

The other perfect but costly mode of transportation after docking is the use of Taxi. Their demand is high, and that is why they are expensive.

It is always advisable to book your ticket in advance when you are traveling from Crete to Santorini because of the following reasons. 

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Pervolakia Canyon Crete - Crete to Santorini Ferry

Book Your Crete to Santorini Ticket in Advance

The further away you book your ticket, the better deal you will get.

The tickets sell out very quickly. Such usually happens during the peak time of July and August, so it is a good idea to buy your ticket in advance from the travel agency in Athens or Crete.

No island is busy throughout the year in Greece than Santorini.

Book ahead to be well prepared for your trip without any hitches. That is most common with the Highspeed ferries that tend to sell out more often.

There is always this rush for the ticket, especially during the high seasons, and booking in advance will make sure that you are not caught up with the season.

August and summer seasons are full of people returning to their homes from the islands.

The ferries are usually very packed.

The car/bike spots on the ferries are more occasionally very few. Booking the ticket in advance will come in handy if you have a car or a bike to take on the ferry.

Some ferries have a sleeping cabin available, that is why you are advised to book the tickets in advance to get the limited spaces available for the sleeping cabins.

Remember, you are out on vacation, and the last thing you need is stress. Booking your ticket in advance will reduce the stress that you will feel when you are wasting time haggling with the agencies.

What Ferry Companies From Crete to Santorini Can You Take?

There are different types of ferries to choose from, depending on which ferry you are traveling with the class is very different in their style and settings.

Blue Star Ferries

Deck class is popularly referred to as the Economy class and is one of the qualities that give the passenger access to almost everything that the ferry has to offer. That includes restaurants and cafeterias.

One of the significant drawbacks of this class is getting the sitting space. The best way to beat this is by upgrading your seat to a reserved airplane-style seat for 5 US dollars.

Business Class is accessible to more comfortable seating and waiter services; the business class is less noisy with less crowded compared to the economy class. There is also a lounge.

Cabins: this is also available in the Blue Star Ferries, the cabin usually has a bed that comes in 2 berths and 4-berth kind of arrangement.

You will even realize that cabins inside the ship have no windows, unlike the cabins that are on the exterior, which have windows.

HighSpeed Ferries

There is not so much difference between the classes on the Hellenic Highspeed ferries apart from the fact that they are separate.

The Hellenic Seaways High-Speed ferry from Heraklion to Santorini leaves at around 9.00 and will likely arrive in Santorini at 10.45, and they are the most stable that run from Crete to Santorini which is ideal for individuals who have seasickness

The same ferry leaves Santorini to Crete and 17.25 and arrives much later at around 18.50

Economy: Cost approximately 65 US dollars

Business-class offers much more room in between the seats.

VIP: this is slight very different. One thing that is so clear apart from the distinguish leather seats is the waiter service. The VIP class is in front of the ferry.

SeaJet Ferry

That is usually the Champion Jet1 and leaves Heraklion at around 8.40. The ferry schedule will arrive in Santorini at approximately 10.35 and the ferry ride cost an average of 70 US dollars, the same will also go Santorini to Crete at about 17.20 and will get to Heraklion at 19.10

Economy: Be advised that the economy class comes with lots of crowds.

Business Class is the best-recommended class to get when traveling as it is not packed.

Here is the list of local (Crete) agents for tickets:

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What To Expect on a Crete to Santorini Ferry

There is a different class on the ferries to pick from, and the accommodation you will choose depends on the kind of ferry that you have traveled with.

Here are accommodation options that you are likely to get on the conventional ferry.

When you are looking for the meals that you will have on your trip, realize that there are restaurants, cafes that are available in any class of accommodation.

Sitting Arrangement: This will depend on which class you are traveling with. When you are going to the Economy class, you will just sit anywhere you wish to sit.

The one that is usually very comfortable than the rest are the one are like the armchair traditionally found near the bar or the cafeteria inside the ship.

There is also some sitting space outside the ship, which is not very comfortable as most of them are out of plastic.

That will not be ideal, especially when you are going on a long trip.

The good thing about sitting outside the ship is that you will get the best view of the island while traveling while you are enjoying your drink, especially during the day.

When you are traveling in VIP class, it is a different scenario altogether. The seats are numbered with each of the passengers assigned to their positions.

The seats compared to the ones in the economy class are more comfortable, and one can comfortably sleep while on the trip.

There is also a private room where one can go and relax depending on the number that you want as they are all the same.

It is also good to note that the accommodation here is perfect as they have their bars. In the economy class, you place the luggage in a rack all over the ferry.

Regarding the air seats, there is a private lounge with racks that have stored your luggage. It works just the same way as the first class of any train wagon.

Facts for Crete to Santorini Ferry Travel

Crete to Santorini- santorini island

There is always touring to Santorini that departs from two ports, and these are the ports of Heraklion and Rethymno. Make sure to check the ferry schedule.

When you are traveling with the ferry from Chania to Santorini island, you will have to use a bus, and it will take about 2 hours as there are no ferries that operate within these cities

Since you made advantage of booking your ferry ticket in advance through the internet, you will be allowed to pick the tickets from some of the ticket booths that are at the ferry port.

The ticket booth will vary in color, depending on which ferry you are using always check your ferry schedules.

These booths are so easy to locate as you will just see them when you are at the port, and they are in different colors.

The ticket booths are opened one and a half hours before the ferry scheduled time for the ferries. The colors of the ticket booths are as follows.

  •  White Booth is for the SeaJets
  •  Red Booth is for the Highspeed 7 or the Hellenic seaways

It is advisable to be at the port, 40 minutes before departure. From these kiosks, you can get Ferry tickets to many Greek islands but better to book online ahead.

The seats on the business and economy class of the Hellenic Highspeed and the SeaJet are numbered and reserved.

There is luggage storage in the Hellenic Highspeed below the vehicle level. You are advised not to leave your valuables there but only bulk luggage. The same stands for the Terajet ferry.

When you arrive at Santorini, buses and taxis are usually to the left. It is essential to be quick to leave the ferry as the taxis and buses have limited spaces.

Another idea: Santorini day trip from Crete to Santorini

In case you have time for a Santorini day trip here is a list of ideas:

Mash-up for the Crete to Santorini Ferry Trip

As earlier mentioned, Santorini island is one of the many destinations that one will always fancy visiting and exploring some of the beautiful features that are available.

The price of the different classes mentioned vary, and it all depends on what your budget is. The best way to be on a budget is always in preparation.

The earlier you prepare yourself and get everything in order, the better your day trips will be. 

Book your tickets online to have to enjoy travel on a ferry from Crete to Santorini, and many other Greek islands.

The journey takes about 2 hours you will enjoy the best scenery that Santorini island has to offer.

In case you travel to Santorini from Athens on a ferry, then read this post too.

Enjoy Greece!

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