Best Routes for Hiking in Andros island, Greece

Do you want to go hiking in Andros Greece? Excellent idea. Read why.

Discover Hiking in Andros Greece

The best way to explore Andros island in the Cyclades is on foot!

hiking andros greece

Only in this way can you discover the beauty hidden in every little corner, hear the birds singing, breathe fresh air, and go on a small journey between past & present.

hiking andros greece

So put on your hiking boots and let’s hike!

hiking andros greece

Discover paths of ecological interest and meet the unique nature of the island, visit old watermills, windmills, traditional olive presses, monasteries, archeological sites, beautiful beaches, and other interesting destinations, and of course get familiar with the gastronomy, music and kind inhabitants of the island!

hiking andros greece

There is a 100km single path called Andros Route.

hiking andros greece

Andros is beyond doubt the perfect island for nature and hiking lovers.

hiking andros greece

A plethora of springs creates amazing scenery of green valleys and waterfalls and its mountainous nature makes Andros hiking to stand out compared to the other Cycladic Islands.

hiking andros greece

Spring is particularly beautiful here with many travelers taking guided walking tours, enjoying the scenery and discovering rare species of flowers.

hiking andros greece

The flora of the island is indeed impressive in its variety: Chestnut trees, walnut trees, sycamore, oak trees, weeping willows, poplar, mulberry, osier and olive trees, fields of thyme, crocus and sage.

hiking andros greece

All can all be seen along the paved paths that lead you to the picturesque villages of the island, they travel over stone bridges, meet old watermills, lead to traditional villages, picturesque monasteries, small churches typical of the Greek countryside and secluded beaches.

hiking andros greece

This island is covered by a 100 kilometer signposted network of old walking paths, which traverse the whole island, literally becoming its “backbone”.

hiking andros greece

Choose between a number of signposted paths from the “Network of Footpaths of Historical and Cultural Interest” (Cyclades Prefecture) or ask for a tailor-made walking tour.

hiking andros greece

These guys are offering hiking tours on Andros Greece.

Map of Trails for Hiking in Andros

Click on this link and see the actual interactive hiking map of Andros (with the 100 km hiking trails) in Google.

Hiking in Andros island, Cyclades, Greece

The walks include narrow stoned paths, coastal, gorge and mountain terrains and range from easy, moderate or difficult and last 2 – 5 hours, so there are walks to suit all tastes.

Routes for Hiking in Andros Greece

You do not need previous experience for these tours, but you do need to be in reasonably good health.

hiking andros greece

If you enjoy walking and will be able to walk for 4-5 hours per day then these trips will be for you.

hiking andros greece

Although tours are not at higher altitudes and will have time for rest, remember that the walks will not be flat and that you’ll enjoy them even more if you’ve built up a little stamina!

hiking andros greece

Here are the popular routes for hiking in Andros island:

  • Chora – Dipotamata- Korthi (or the opposite way) (Footpath No3) -Walking time 4,5 hs Distance  12 km
  • Vourkoti –St.Nikolaos Monastery – Acla beach (Footpath No 6)-Walking time 4,5hr Distance 9,5km
  • Ano Aprovato- Ano Pitrofos- Strabourgies- (Footpath No9 )-Walking time 4,5hrs Distance 11 km
  • Arni – Profitis Ilias – Vourkoti (Footpath No 12)-Walking time 3hrs Distance: 6,5 km
  • Remata – Lefka Beach – Ateni  -Walking time 5hrs Distance: 10 km
  • Batsi– Katakoilos –Arni (or the opposite way) (Footpath No11)-Walking time 4hrs Distance: 9 km
  • Panachrantou Monastery – Ag.Triada- Zagora  (Footpath No7)-Walking time: 3hrs Distance: 8km
  • Menites – Messaria – Panachrantou Monastery – Fallika- Cave “Foros” -Walking time: 4hrs Distance 8km
  • Aidonia – Korthi- Tromarchia Monastery (Footpath No4)-Walking time 4,5hrs Distance: 9km
  •  Apikia – Stenies- Gialia Beach (Footpath No 8)-Walking time: 2hrs  Distance: 5km
  • Chora – Menites (Footpath No1)-Walking time approx 2hrs Distance 5km
  • Froussaioi Ravines-Walking time: 1hr Distance 2,5km
hiking andros greece

Choose one of the sign-posted hiking trails in Andros that suits you best.

hiking andros greece

Have you ever gone hiking in Andros Greece?

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    I am looking for a hiking destination in May 2018 I came across the Andros trail – very interesting!

    My preferences
    Several days – long distance trail without taxi or bus in between

    Simple accomodation ( 1 person)

    Spontaneous breaks in places I like

    So apart from the beginning and end of the trip i do not want to prebook accomodation.

    Do you think this is possible in May or too busy/risky?

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