Fun Things To Do in Serifos Greece in 2022

This small Cycladic Greek island of Serifos is found between Kythnos Island and Sifnos island, in Western Cyclades Island, 2 hours away from Piraeus port and in the Aegean sea.

“Naked” hills interrupted by small valleys, typical Cycladic architecture underground rich in iron ore – which was explained until the middle of the last century – exquisite beaches as well as small secluded bays, is what in general terms comprises the Serifos island.

Things to Do in Serifos Greece

You see first, approaching the harbor of Serifos, is Livadi – the port – with typical white Cycladic houses.

It is the most living place on the island where you can find picturesque small restaurants and cafes by the sea, as well as gift shops and mini markets, all easily approachable on foot.

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Being at Livadi, you can see the impressive Chora hitched on the mountain if you survey back.

It is 5 km away from Livadi, and it is worth visiting either by the local bus or on foot, following the long path starting from Livadi (Our proposal though is to go up to Chora by vehicle and come down on foot, using the path).

There you can walk through its narrow streets ending up to the remnants of the Castle with the breath-taking view to the Aegean.

Where it is time to think about swimming, you will face a lot of excellent alternatives.

Beautiful Beaches of Serifos Island

“Lia beach,” “Ag. Sostis beach,” “Psili Ammos beach,” and “Ag. Ioannis beach” are exquisite beaches in the eastern part of the island, where you can go following the direction for “Psili Ammos.”

If you take the south road, you will discover the magnificent seaside of “Vayia,” “Ganema,” “Koutalas,” and “Mega Livadi” in the southwestern part of the island.

Another worth swimming beach is “Sykamia,” to the north.

For those who love adventure, these pristine beaches of “Kalo Ambeli” would be their ultimate choice in the southern part on the way to Vaya and Ganema. (This is not accessible by road).

Considering you have a car with you (or a mo-ped), the access to the island’s beaches is a more or less comfortable case.

If you do not, though, you have limited choices. The local buses go only to Koutalas, Ganema, and Mega Livadi in the southwest part of the island, passing through Chora and other mountainous mountain villages and to Psili Ammos and Ag. Ioannis in the western part of the island.

In that case, try to double-check the departure and return runs of the buses (The timetable is found at the entrance of the small yacht port at Livadi, from where the buses depart).

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serifos island Greece - mainland destinations

Flyboard at Serifos Greece

The Flyboard is a fantastic machine, powered by a jet ski, that allows propulsion underwater and in the air.

serifos island - flyboard

Flyboard is very intuitive, and once you find your balance, you can start flying in the air or jump like a dolphin out of the water.

serifos flyboard

Half bird, half dolphin, fly boarders are superheroes of the oceans. They fly before your eyes, dive into the depths, and reappear in a breath, riding between the sea and the sky.

It is a show unique in the world!

serifos flyboard

Find your balance, and you will become Flying Man or Dolphin Man!

serifos flyboard

Between 2 and 20 minutes are needed to learn with an instructor.

Exploring the Caves of Serifos Greece

In the northwest area of Serifos, there is Mikro Livadi (Little Meadow).

serifos island - caving

The greater area has lots of mining history and interests.

For many decades the area was bursting with life, as over 6000 miners with the primitive means of that time and their iron filled the mountains of Serifos with lots of holes!

greek island -sefiros

Nowadays, the only things that remain are rusty wagons and their memories of the elders.

Lots of the mining galleries are reachable to visitors, and each one has a different story to tell.

It is a natural underground journey!

greek island -sefiros

Everything starts from the main gallery of a mine in the area of Mikro Livadi, which goes through an entire mountain and ends up to the bay of Koutala-Kalogero (deserted beach).

Multiple entrances with similar exits consist of a complex puzzle where the visitor will be called to explore.

From the entrance and the surrounding area, the visitor gets the first taste of what a mining activity is about.

greek island -sefiros

They can see wagons, rail tracks, and half-ruined bridges. It is a scenery pulled out from a science fiction movie.

You can go through the entrance that is near one beach and end up at another one. You will swim, dive, enjoy the sun, the sea, and the peace of these routes.

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greek islands - serifos caving

Finally, as a genuine explorer, you can rest at the traditional taverns of the area.

Sightseeing Serifos Greece

  • Churches like St. Athanassios at Chora, built in the 19th century.
  • The Folklore Museum and the archeological Collection at Chora.
  • The dominating neoclassical building of the old iron-minerals` headquarters of Mega Livadi.
  • The remnants of the old iron mine rise at Koutalas bay and Mega Livadi.
  • The “Taxiarchis” monastery near Galani village in the northwest part of the island, which was built during the 17th century (it would be wise of you to arrange first before visiting the monastery, as there is only one monk there!).
  • The church of Virgin Mary(Panagia) in Panagia village, built around 950 – 1000 A. D. At the point, we would like to mention to you the traditional local feasts that take place at specific dates of the year(celebrations` eves) and it would be an unforgettable experience for you or could go(provided you are found at that time in the island).
  • The Holy Spirit’s (Penticost) fests, it takes place on Pentecost eve of Ag. Triada church, in the western part of the island near Mega Livadi village.
  • The St. Panteleimonas` fest: on the 26th of July at Chora.
  • The fest of the Saviour: on the 5th of August at the Saviour’s church near the beach of Kalo Ambeli.
  • The Madonna’s fests that take place on the 14th of August in two areas: at Ramos` Madonna’s church and Panagia` village.
  • The Ag. Sostis` fest; it takes place on the 6th of September at the most picturesque church by the sea of Ag. Sostis beach.
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How to Get to Serifos

Serifos is solely accessible by ferry from the port of Piraeus (Athens). There is no airport on the island. Your trip will last around 2.5 hours, but sometimes it may take longer depending on if the routes change or if you book with a slow ferry. For the speed ferry, the ticket fee is around 50 euro (one way).

To book your ferry ticker early enough, use this or this service. Book ferry to Serifos.

What Is Serifos Known For?

With its white-sand beaches and crystal clear water, Serifos is one of the most unspoiled Greek islands for those who want an authentic experience. It also offers plenty in terms of activities such as snorkeling with dolphins or exploring pristine stretches on foot – perfect if you’re looking to relax while away from crowds!

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Are Serifos or Sifnos better?

There are many different other islands to visit in Greece, but if you want a laid-back atmosphere and cozy sefiros beaches then Sifnos is the perfect destination for your vacation. If it’s dramatic landscapes that capture your interest most though, Serifos might be more up your alley; just make sure not to forget about its other nearby islands like Milos or Syros, which offer awesome scenery!

Do You Need A Car In Serifos?

The island of Serifos is a hidden gem, with its limited public transport service making it difficult for visitors without their own vehicles. If you are going to visit this beautiful destination then I recommend taking taxis or renting bikes so that there is no limit on where your exploration takes place!

Where to Stay in Serifos Greece

Serifos has different kinds of accommodation, from low-budget ones to boutique hotels.

A boutique hotel with a beautiful view of Chora (capital of Serifos) and the Aegean sea is Rizes Hotel. Another option in the same category is Coco-Mat Eco Residences.

If you are looking for something in the mid-range close to Chora and if you don’t have a car or bike, choose Indigo Studios at Livadia. Livadia is close to all the places to eat and party, beaches, and ferries.

If you travel frugally and seek just a clean room with basic amenities, then Cavo D’Oro is a good selection.

Serifos is a beautiful island, and there are a lot of outdoor/adventure activities to do there.

Go and get the Serifos experience!

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