Rhodes Greece 9+1 Best Vacation Activities 2023

Oh! that amazing island of Rhodes Greece, one of the Dodecanese islands.

Rhodes is more than just a destination for lazing on the beach. Many visitors to this amazing island enjoy far more exciting activities on their vacations.

In Rhodes, Greece there are many opportunities to enjoy thrilling sports activities and fascinating local culture.

Rhodes has its hotspots for enjoying nightlife and city sights, as well as having many unspoiled villages, romantic castles and classical ruins to explore.

You could just lie in the sun on a beach in Rhodes Greece (see the post for Rhodes beaches)!

Things to do in Rhodes Greece

Waves of Rhodes Greece

Professional surfers head for Prassonissi, where there is a long narrow spit of land which splits the Carpathian sea in 2 while connecting Prassonissi with Rhodes Greece.

You can easily hire a wetsuit and a surfboard there and start riding the waves. See this post on where to find the best surf posts in Greece.

The strong wind also makes it a top spot for sailboards,

Prassonissi, Rhodes Greece

Fanes on the north coast is known for its sea breezes, shallow water and flat beach, which makes it the ideal place to have a go at kitesurfing or windsurfing.

It’s also a pretty place to visit, with tamarisk trees growing along the beach.

Fanes beach Rhodes Greece
Fanes beach

Trianda beach is another hotspot for windsurfing, and the strong afternoon sea breeze will certainly give you a boost.

This long stretch of beach also has facilities for other watersports.

Trianda Beach, Rhodes Greece
Trianda Beach

Windsurf, Kitesurf at Rhodes Greece

Theologos is located just 5 km south of Rhodos Airport on the west coast of the island.

kitesurfing rhodes

The beach is in close walking distance between the kite and surf stations and offers enough space to train, learn new tricks, or just relax and enjoy the Meltemi.

kitesurfing rhodes

At noon, the wind constantly blows Sideon (shore from the left), which is ideal for beginners and advanced surfers. The windsurf station is based directly on the beach of the TUI Family Hotel Alex Beach.

There you’ll find the newest equipment from Fanatic and Starboard, as well as sails from North Sails and Severne.

kitesurfing rhodes

At the kite station, you can enjoy cool music, a sun-shade area to chill, and enough room for your personal life. Furthermore, they regularly organize BBQs and big beach parties.

The chill-out area and the beach bar of the hotel invite one to relax after a windy surf day.

kitesurfing rhodes

Both spots are of course safeguarded: Rescue by motorboat or jet-ski are included in the rental price.

The Kitesurf Center in Rhodes Greece

Our Kite center is located on a 2500 sqm property and offers a lot of space on the beach and on the water.

kitesurfing rhodes

At the station the newest equipment from the brands Core, Carved, and RL Boards awaits you.

The equipment is available for rent and also used for the training courses at all levels. Currently, they have about 60 kites and 40 boards, which are well maintained or replaced when damaged. Therefore, you always have the best material to enjoy your time at Theologos!!!

kitesurfing rhodes

Furthermore, they have 40 big lockable storage boxes in which you can put your own equipment. Restrooms, sweet water showers, as well as sweet water washrooms for your equipment are there for you when needed.

In addition, there is a cozy chill-out area, Wifi, and compressors to inflate your kite – all for free. In cooperation with Billy’s Place, they offer warm and cold foods and beverages, which you can enjoy in the sun loungers in the chill-out area.

In the morning, the Meltemi blows with just 2-3 Bft, optimally for beginners. But, as soon as the wind gets stronger during midday and the first whitecaps can be seen, the advanced ones among you get your money’s worth with winds of 5-6 Bft.

kitesurfing rhodes

Towards the evening, a small wave, perfectly for jumps and surfs, arises on the sandbank just 30 meters offshore and a little bit more out in the sea you can some days ride a nice swell.

And all this fun can be enjoyed from June to September with perfect boardshorts weather.

In the pre and off-season (May and October), the spot offers you yet another highlight: the Tramontana wind from Turkey. During those times the waves at the sandbank can reach 2 meters and the wind blows at 8 Bft. Those conditions are then a bit tougher and not recommended for beginners.

Windsurf Center

kitesurfing rhodes

Their windsurf center on the beach right in front of the TUI Best Family Hotel Alex Beach we’ve got more than 60 sails from North Sails and Severne, as well as 40 boards from Fanatic and Starboard ready for you.

In addition, they have training equipment in various sizes in order to get you excited and fascinated about windsurfing – just as our VDWS certified staff is. Their equipment is renewed every season to guarantee that you’ve got the best equipment. Neoprene, harnesses, and other equipment are available in sufficient amounts and included in the rental price.

It goes without saying, that you’ll find every modern convenience of a professional surf station: sweet-water showers and restrooms at the beach, seating and chill-out area, beach bar, sun loungers, and sun-shades directly at the center.

At the beach, the Meltemi wind gives you a lot of power in your sails. The wind is compressed between the island and the Turkish mainland and due to the local thermic is further strengthened.

Windsurfing Rhodes

In the mornings the wind blows a little bit slower and is optimal for beginner surfers, whereas during midday the advanced get their money’s worth. In midsummer the wind blows side-onshore from the left, creating a small wave at the shore and a swell further out.

To reserve your place contact the organizers through this link.

Windsurfing, Ixia – Rhodes Greece Surfers Paradise

Having been around for almost 35 years, The Surfers Paradise windsurf center is situated in the bay of Ixia, 5 kilometers from Rhodes city and 10 kilometers from the Airport.

Being right on the beach and just 2-3 meters from the sea, windsurfers have easy access to the lovely playground! At the center, you will find the latest equipment from major brands (JP Australia & Neilpryde) along with top quality valet service and professional tuition.

For people looking to rent equipment, there are hourly, daily and weekly packages available. Everything necessary is included in the rental price, such as Harness, Neoprene and lifejackets.

There are also storage facilities for people bringing their own equipment.

Windsurfing, Ixia – Rhodes at Surfers Paradise

For those looking to learn or improve their current level of the sport, there are options for beginners just wanting to have a quick go or packages of hours that can be done in a few days.

The team is multilingual so you will often have the change to take a course in your native language!

If you are not windsurfing, don’t worry!

There are many different activities to choose from such as Stand up Paddleboarding, Mountain biking, Yoga and many more.

The surf club has its own lounge area looking straight towards the beautiful sea and the windsurfers. Take a drink, listen to music or why not bring along your favorite book to read in the shade!

Conditions and levels at Surfers Paradise

With the wind starting calm in the afternoon (2-4bft) and building up during the day (5-7bft), the spot is ideal for every level of windsurfers, even those who are completely new to the sport.

The wind direction is side-onshore from the left with smaller waves and swells building up during the day as the wind gets stronger. Perfect mornings for cruising and afternoons for jumping!

Windsurfing, Ixia – Rhodes at Surfers Paradise

The northwest side of Rhodes and in this case Ixia bay gives you the option to be close enough to everything. The area has some of the best hotels of the island, all kinds of restaurants, nightlife (Rhodes town) and easy access to the main road taking you to Rhodes city (the old town), Lindos (The Acropolis of Lindos) and the Airport.

Do you want to stay within walking distance from the windsurf center?

Choose the Sheraton Rhodes Resort, the Rhodes Bay Hotel, Oceanis or the Belair Beach!

Water Slides in Rhodes Greece

Near to Faliraki, a popular resort for vacations in Rhodes, you will find one of Europe’s biggest water parks and can have a lot of fun on the thrilling slides and fast water flumes.

Diving Into the history of Rhodes

Old Town of Rhodes (click for the exclusive post) is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is one of Greece’s national treasures. Many come to explore the palace of the Grand Master, the medieval city and the street of the knights.

The medieval walled city is best explored on foot.

Castle of Rhodes Greece

All you need is a visitor map or guidebook. You can walk on parts of the old city walls and in the dry moat that surrounds it.

Castle of Rhodes Greece

You can take a look inside a 12th-century church and see around the castle.

Castle of Rhodes Greece

Many of the streets in the old city of Rhodes Greece retain their cobblestones and some of the original buildings are now home to fascinating museums.

Castle of Rhodes Greece

Go back even farther in time by visiting the remains of one of the ancient cities of Rhodes, at Ialyssos on the Filerimos plateau, and an ancient monastery of magic built by Knights of St. John.

Lindos is another interesting site, dating back 3,000 years.

If you climb up to an acropolis standing on top of a great rocky outcrop, you will see the remains of a temple to Athena dating back to the 4th century BC.

Lindos, Rhodes

Another amazing archaeological worth exploring is at Kamiros, where you can see some splendid classical monuments.

The ruined settlement, built in the 9th century BC, originally covered three different levels.

Kamiros, Rhodes

Mandraki Harbor in Rhodes Greece Town is surrounded by structures dating back to ancient times, but it’s now a very lively place with all kinds of street life.

You might want to sit with a drink and soak up the atmosphere outside one of the many harborside cafes.

Mandraki, Rhodes

For a different sort of evening entertainment, there is an open-air theater near to Arionos Square, where regular performances of folk dancing take place every summer.

There are many great activities to be enjoyed on vacations in Rhodes, from water-based action to modern city life.

Rhodes Town has a 24-hour entertainment, shopping, and cafe culture.

Vacations in Rhodes Greece can also take you back through thousands of years of history. 

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