The Beauty Of Kaimaktsalan, Greece

In Greece’s central Macedonia region lies the beautiful Kaimaktsalan ski resort. Resting on the northeastern side of Mt Voras, visitors from around the world come to ski and enjoy the wonder and history of Greece. The Prefecture of Pella, named after the capital of Macedonia and the birthplace of Alexander the Great, is an area of Greece that should not be missed.

Skiing among the Stars

The Kaimaktsalan ski resort on Mt Voras offers its guests much more than skiing. The highest ski lift reaches a breathtaking 2,480m, where the spectacular view always steals the show. From the top, the home of the ancient Greek gods can be seen high atop Mount Olympus. The Thermaikos Gulf and Lake Vegoritida can also be seen if the day is clear. After taking in the magnificent view from the top, it is time to choose a trail from one of the resort’s four ski trails or one of the thirteen available ski runs. For the less advanced skier, the ski runs are marked with colored flags that indicate the run’s difficulty level.

Warm up and relax at the resort’s luxury chalet. Located further down the mountain, the forty-six-bed hotel has a bar and restaurant that serves some of the best local dishes, along with a cafe and a fast food restaurant. After warming up by the fire, enjoy the beauty and serenity of skiing on the mountain trails at night. The lights twinkle like diamonds under the nighttime sky, providing plenty of light for the nighttime skiers.

The resort offers more than just skiing; the fun snowboard park invites everyone to have fun on a snowboard. The snow tubing park is the place to go for fun in the snow.

So Much More in Kaimaktsalan

The view from the base of Mount Voras is just as impressive. The famous hot springs of Pozar stand out as a topaz oasis amid the Greek landscape. The legendary healing qualities of springs are said to help everything from respiratory and circulatory systems to gynecological and dermatological ailments. The thermal springs’ temperature stays at a soothing 37C, perfect for relaxing sore muscles after an active day or staying warm on brisk Greek winter days. Forty-eight private baths, six indoor pools, an outdoor pool, and a jacuzzi are located at this spa fit for the gods. Slip back in time and soak in the water with Alexander the Great, or enjoy the benefits of drinking in the thermal spring.

If outdoor adventure is on the itinerary, take a jog up the wooden staircase at Loutraki. Rediscover hidden prehistoric caves, or try to recreate Alexander the Great’s famous weapon, “Sarissa” with wood from the ancient Dark Forest. Follow a trail to Lake Vergoritida; perhaps the flamingos are out. A forest with trees thick enough to block out the sunlight.

From the trails and hot springs at Loutraki, a short distance away, is the city of Edessa. Known as the “town of waters,” Edessa is a beautiful mix of old and new Greece. The town is famous for its perpetual waterfalls. The giant waterfall “Karanos” and the twin waterfalls “Diplo’s” cascade year round are the largest in Greece. Surrounded by glorious vegetation and all the history naturally associated with Greece, it is a sight that should not be missed. Visitors can follow the pathway to the Museum of Water from the waterfalls. Visitors to the older section of Edessa can enjoy a coffee before heading to the Byzantine bridge.

The ancient city of Pella should not be missed. See how Hippodamus designed this very ancient yet modern city. Follow in the footsteps of Alexander the Great. Follow the city blocks, sewer systems, and water supply networks and see how similar modern towns are to the ancient Greeks. Shopping is always a must, and Pella has some of the best.

Kaimaktsalan, Greece, is a study of the old and the new. Ancient and modern the Prefecture of Pella is a stunning example of Greece’s beauty.

(We would like to thank Zopidis Lefteris, Andrei Dragomir, KiKitsos  for their photos).

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