12 Top Things to Do in Macedonia Greece

12 Top Things to Do in Macedonia Greece

Macedonia Greece is one of the most discussed topics these days. We wrote this post for you to know which place in Greece is actually Macedonia along with things to do in Macedonia Greece. Where is Macedonia located? Macedonia is part of Greece and includes a variety of regions: Kastoria, Florina, Kozani, Grevena, Pella, Imathia, … Read more

Samothrace Greece Best Things To Do 2023


Are you planning for the mystical island of Samothrace? Then, prepare for mystery, luscious nature and ancient magic. Dotted around the world are places of stunning natural beauty and peaceful silence best described as “hidden gems.” Samothrace, a small Greek island in the northern Aegean Sea, is one of those places, also referred to as … Read more

Hiking Lake Kerkini Greece


Lake Kerkini is one of the most important hydro biotopes of Greece, protected from the International Convention of Ramsar. The lake of Kerkini was created in 1932 with the construction of a dam in the river Strymonas.  It’s a place full of life. It hosts an admirable number of flora and fauna. Within the diverse … Read more

Alexandroupoli Greece

alexandroupoli greece

A place of wonder and ancient historical charm, as well as being a major sea port and commercial center for the northeastern part of Greece. Its earliest beginnings were as a fishing village. Two fishermen Makri and Maroneia established a small town, they named “Dedeagach,” which literally meant the “tree of monk.” The story goes … Read more

The Beauty Of Kaimaktsalan, Greece


In Greece’s central Macedonia region lies the beautiful Kaimaktsalan ski resort. Resting on the northeastern side of Mt Voras, visitors from around the world come to ski and enjoy the wonder and history of Greece. The Prefecture of Pella, named after the capital of Macedonia and the birthplace of Alexander the Great, is an area of … Read more