Best Things to Do on Skopelos Greece in 2023

Things to Do in Skopelos Greece

If there was just one place you could visit once in your life, you’ve got to see the majesty of Skopelos, Greece. Here are the things to do on Skopelos island. Skopelos is one of the most beautiful islands that make a magical triad with Skiathos and Alonissos; Skopelos is another luscious island for vacations. … Read more

Our Skopelos Holidays &: Sea Kayak Trip

Our Skopelos Holidays: Sea Kayak Trip

Are you planning for your Skopelos holidays? One of the greenest islands of Sporades complex. Our Skopelos holidays were planned to be relaxing and they were like that indeed. So Skopelos it was! We stayed there for a week! We even had the time to go for a one day cruise around Skopelos and Alonissos. … Read more

Skopelos Beaches & Villages To Visit

Skopelos Beaches & Villages To Visit

Skopelos beaches and villages are a must to visit. They are famous for either their beaches or their food. Some are for both. Check our sea kayak article here to get an idea of how the coastline looks like. Skopelos is a very green island. Trees end up to the beach. We had our beach, … Read more

Skopelos Holidays: Mamma Mia & Chora

Skopelos Holidays: Mamma Mia & Chora of Skopelops

Skopelos is the island where the Mamma Mia musical movie was filmed at. The exact location is the cliff/rock where Agios Ioannis church is situated. The surrounding “beach” is beautiful but really “rocky.” Yet, the rock itself looks like it was placed there by a higher force. Skopelos is a spectacular island with many activities … Read more