Best 10 Things to Do in Corfu Island Greece in 2023

Search no more. Here is the complete guide for your best things to do in Corfu Island holidays in Greece.

The Greek island of Corfu or Kerkyra (or Korkyra) is a popular holiday destination in Greece as it is locally known. It belongs to the Ionian islands group.

The majority of the visitors to our shores are young people on vacation and older citizens who appreciate the beautiful things in life.

That island is a place where class and style exist to a whole new level.

Corfu island
Old town & harbor

Corfu island is located off the Greek coast and is second in size compared to other islands of the Ionian sea and is a big island. So there are lots of things to do in Corfu.

A town bearing the same name is within the island.

The article examines the various sights and activities to enjoy in this beautiful part of Greece.

What is Corfu Island’s history?

The island is very rich in History. If you are a fan of Homer, you may have come across the place under a different name. Odysseus, during his wanderings, fleeing from an avenging sea deity- storms shipwrecked Poseidon.

His ship was stranded on the shores of Scheria, a land of seafaring people. Rescued by the beautiful daughter of the King-Alkinoos, he found some measure of comfort in the Land.

The descriptions given by Homer may well be about this island.

Another legend mentioned that Poseidon named the place after his lover Korkyra.

He brought her to live on the island. The name Corfu was derived from her. These two stories portray ancient Greek knowledge of the place.

However, this is an island strongly influenced by the Venetian culture, which can be found all over the island!

What are the Best Beaches in Corfu island?

The island has functional topography. But, honestly, just going there for the beaches would suffice as one of the best things to do in Corfu. They are so many!!! The beaches are excellent, and the coastline is accessible by boats and other water vessels.

Things To Do in Corfu Holidays Greece - Complete Guide

Corfu enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate, which is advantageous to vacationers as they can bask in the sun for an average of 9 hours daily.

That sums up to 3000 hours in a year.

The best places to hang out for beach lovers are in the south, where the beaches are smooth. The north has rocky shores, and the sands are filled with pebbles.

Things To Do in Corfu Holidays Greece - Complete Guide

Just imagine that there are around 60 beaches in Corfu. Most are sandy beaches. Here are the 35 best beaches on Corfu island:

  1. Acharavi
  2. Agia Triada
  3. Ágios Geórgios Págon & Afiónas
  4. Agios Georgios South
  5. Alipa
  6. Ambelaki
  7. Apraos or Kalamaki
  8. Arillas
  9. Agios Gordios
  10. Benitses
  11. Dassia
  12. Agios Petros
  13. Drastis
  14. Ermones
  15. Agios Spyridonas
  16. Gardénos (Paralía Gardénou) & Megáli Lákka
  17. Glyfada
  18. Halikoúnas
  19. Ipsos
  20. Íssos
  21. Kalami beach
  22. Kanoni Kassiopis Beach
  23. Kavos
  24. Kontokali
  25. Liapadon Beach
  26. Logga beach
  27. Longás (aka Perouládes)
  28. Marathiá/Agía Varvára
  29. Mesoggi
  30. Myrtiotissa
  31. Paleokastritsa
  32. Paradise Beach
  33. Platakia
  34. Roda
  35. Sidari Canal d’Amour

The beaches are conducive for basking in the sun and a host of other sporting activities. The shores are shallow, and swimmers will enjoy the warm waters and low tides during the day.

Activities such as water polo, beach volley, frisbees, water skiing, and others are every day. A walk through the beach and staring into the sea is also an enjoyable pastime.

What are the Best Things to do in Corfu island, Greece?

There are tons of things to do, and the high point of them is the numerous beaches of this island. You will not have time to get bored during your Corfu island holidays.

The island has been a source of inspiration to artists and writers for hundreds of years. Among the admirers was William Shakespeare.

When he created the fairy tale kingdom in Tempest, he had the Corfu in mind. The serene environment on the island has heightened the imagination of art lovers and conquerors alike.

You are bound to see Venetian, Greek, British, French, and Ottoman influences when you walk through the town or visit the Museum. Art and Class will always be critical pillars in Corfu.

Walk Through the Corfu Old Town

The Old town is a UNESCO World Heritage site. You will be there lots of times, as its museums are one of the things to do in Corfu.

Corfu Old Town
Old town

If you are in the city, a visit to Corfu Saint Spyridon Church can be enjoyable. The church is rooted in the island’s history. It was named after the island patron Saint, who is believed to have played a role in averting some major misfortunes in mainland Greece.

However, the best thing to do is “get lost” in the numerous narrow streets, with the cute little cafes’ and bars.

Corfu Old Town

Visit the Museum of Asian Art of Corfu

The museum of Asian art in the town has a lot to offer, except to see some precious artifacts from ancient times.

Corfu Museum of Asian Art
Museum of Asian Art

The archaeological museum of Corfu is another place to visit. You will be surprised to learn the earliest visitors to the island were the ancient Egyptians. There is a lot of history to absorb.

The town itself is beautiful, and the citizens are very welcoming.

Corfu Town

You can take a trip to the Old Harbor and check out Corfu Fortresses.

Corfu Old Castle
Corfu Castles

The purpose of the fort was to protect the town against enemy incursions during the old days. Now it represents the strength and tenacious nature of the people who lived then and now.

Besides the old castle, you also need to visit the new castle.

Corfu New Castle

Other places to check out are the Mon Repos Palace and the Spaniada. Both are fascinating examples of classical architecture.

The town is a mix of the ancient and modern worlds.

If you like museums and want to get deeper into history through in Corfu island holidays, make time also to visit these museums in Corfu:

  1. The Andivouniótissa (Byzantine) Museum in Mourágia district
  2. Mon Repos villa-museum at Paleopolis
  3. The Sapounopoiïa Patouni/Patounis Soap Factory
  4. Museum of Music in Corfu town
  5. The Sea Shell Museum at Benitses village
  6. The Sinarades Folklore Museum
  7. The Solomos Museum in Corfu town
  8. The Spianada Square
  9. The Casa Parlante in Corfu town
  10. The Gardiki Castle at Matheos village

Explore the Achilleion Palace (Sisi Palace)

The palace is built in Gastouri (Γαστούρι) on the Island of Corfu for the Empress Elisabeth of Austria, also known as Sisi. That is 10 km SW of the town of Corfu.

A guided tour (mainly for groups) includes Achilleion Palace, Kanoni, and Old Town.

Corfu Greece

Empress Elizabeth of Austria built the palace. She is also known as the sad queen Sissy. Elizabeth was the younger daughter of the Duke of Bavaria and the Emperor of Austria.

Elizabeth itself supervised Achilleion decoration. Her admiration for classical Greece is seen all over the Palace (interior and exterior).

Lots of statues of ancient philosophers, ancient gods, and heroes are seen all over.

Corfu Greece
Sculpture of wounded Achilles

Dive into the Blue Caves of Corfu Island

Do not miss the Blue Caves in your holidays.

You will be taken there by boat to marvel at the watercolors.

Corfu Greece
Blue Caves

Scuba Diving Corfu island

Corfu is famous when it comes to scuba diving locations in Greece.

The best dive sites are around Paleokastrítsa, Othoní, or Paxí islets and the northeast coast.

Popular diving destinations are:

  1. Agni Reef
  2. Kavo Varvaro
  3. Caparelli
  4. Kassiopi

Horse Trekking in Corfu island

Corfu is also ideal for horse trekking. At the village of Ano Korakiana, you will meet British-born Sally Lewis, who acquired her horse skills managing a cattle ranch in Wyoming for ten years.

Horse Trekking Corfu
Photo Courtesy of Trail Riders Corfu

Sally’s love for animals in general and horses, in particular, was one of the factors that led her to Trailriders, which she has owned for the last twenty-two years. She wanted other people to experience and enjoy horses the way she did, and what better place to accomplish that than in the beautiful foothills of Mount Pantokrator?

You will enjoy your horse trekking adventure through those foothills and the charming village of Ana Korokiana. You will ride through and past vineyards, olive groves, wooded areas, and pasture land. You will always cherish your memories of this peaceful and beautiful area of Corfu.

They have horses for beginners and experienced riders.

Hiking the Corfu Trail (220 km)

The best of the things to do in Corfu for hiking fanatics. The Corfu Trail is rated among the most splendid in Europe and is 220 kilometers long.

Corfu Greece

A walk through this route will avail of the best features the island has to offer. If you prefer to be alone when hiking, the trail is far from the tourist resorts and hotels.

Corfu Greece

Chances are you will bump into a few fellow hikers only. It is advisable to hike at the peak of summer to enjoy the sights in all their splendor.

Visit the Nearby Islands of Paxοs and AntiPaxos

The islands are very close to Corfu, and you can visit them as part of a day trip tour. Click here for the tour.

Visit the Islet of Pontikonhsi (Mouse Island)

Corfu Greece
Islet of Pontikonhsi

That is the landmark island of Corfu.

A small green islet is positioned ad the entrance of the Chalikiopoulos lagoon.

Take the small boats that depart from the small harbor next to the Vlacherna Byzantine Church (seen below).

Corfu Greece
Vlaherna Monastery

Many confuse the name of the islet with that of mice (Pontiko means mouse in Greek).

However, that is not the truth.

The actual meaning is “Beautiful island.”

Another legend claims that the island of Pontikonhsi was the ship of Ulysses, turned to stone by Poseidon.

Explore Corfu Island Villages

There is a good number of villages where you can experience the actual Corfu “colors.” These are:

Palea Perithia: A community holding steady from the Venetian Era. Visit the “Agios Iakovos O Persis” church (translates to Saint Jacob, the Persian). The church comes with very vivid frescoes, and the village is part of the Corfu TRail route.

Kassiopi: A massive mass-market resort. This location was a resort since Roman times. Tiberius built a villa there, while Nero paid a musical kind of visit.

There is a castle, where the path to it starts next to the medieval Kassopitra church (built on top of the old Zeus temple). You have options to visit the nearby beaches of Kalamionas, Pipitou, Bataria, and Kogevinas (known as Sykia).

Sidari: The place is famous for the Canal d’ Amour. The location consists of sandstone cliffs that have changed to weird curvy shapes due to wind and water erosion. Legend says that women who desire to find the love of their life will do so if they swim along the canal.

Paleokastritsa: Maybe the most picturesque village and beach. Fantastic color of waters next to the famous church of the Virgin Mary of Paleokastritsa.

Get a Premium Guided Tour on Corfu Island

Do you want everything planned and organized by locals? You need to know that Corfu is not a tiny Ionian island.

Then a guided tour is the best solution for your case.

Here is our recommendation for guided tours and trips near and on Corfu island.

Where is Corfu Island? Corfu Map

Corfu is in Greece and belongs to the Ionian group.

Some also know it with the names Kerkyra or Korkyra. Greeks call it: Kerkyra.

It is not a tiny island.

You need 2 hours to go from south to north.

Roads in villages are a bit narrow.

With so many beaches to explore, do allocate quite a bit of driving time in your itinerary.

Corfu Greece
Corfu Map

Corfu is an excellent pivot point, so to explore the Greek mainland too.

The ferry from Corfu takes 1.30 hours to the harbor of Igoumenitsa.

Going from Athens to Igoumenitsa takes less than 5 hours.

From there (and using the newly delivered Ionian Highway), you can reach a huge part of West Greece in little time, moving downwards to Athens.

If you choose to explore the North part of Thessaloniki, you can plan to fly from there for your holidays.

How to Get to Corfu Island?

You can fly there, take the ferry or even by car.

Flights to Corfu

The airport of Corfu (names Ioannis Kapodistrias) is very close to Corfu town. You can fly there from Athens or Thessaloniki (serves direct flights and charters).

These companies fly to Corfu (check per year). Use Skyscanner to check flight prices and subscribe to their price alerts.

Domestic flights
International flights
Budget – Low Cost

Ferry to Corfu

You can take the ferry from Igoumenitsa (closer to Corfu) or Patras. The ferry from Patras takes longer to reach Corfu, but if you choose to drive to Athens, you skip all the driving time.

If you booked your accommodation closer to the South part of Corfu, then you better take the Igoumenitsa to Lefkimi ferry.

If you come from Italy, then there are options from Brindisi, Bari, Ancona, or Venice in Italy.

Always make sure to book ahead. This service for booking ferries in Greece is reliable.

Where to stay in Corfu island?

There are apartments, rooms to let, budget hotels, luxury hotels. Whatever you want, it is there.

Best way to book? Choose this to check ratings and prices. Make sure to book 3 to 5 months before your trip.

Corfu is excellent for family holidays.

What else is Corfu Greece known for?

Corfu is a vast island and has tons of things, but this guide is an excellent start.

If you want to explore the island, you need ten days or more.

You can see the dramatic Cape Drastis, visit the Saints Michael and George churches, watch the sunset at Loggas beach or explore the Gorge at Agni Bay.

Corfu is a beautiful place to be.

You will treasure the memories of the island when you go back home. It’s not just a place to holiday but also gives you a chance to grow mentally.

The locals are friendly to all the people who visit the island. If you have saved enough, it is time to plan the trip of a lifetime.

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