Paros Greece Top Vacations Destination 2023

Paros Greece

Are you planning for Paros Greece? We decided to spend a week in Paros Greece for our summer vacation.  Both of us have spent some long weekends in our early youth in Paros island with crazy partying and extreme nightlife. This time was an opportunity for a more in-depth exploration of the island. We did … Read more

Best Antiparos Greece Things To Do 2023


Antiparos Greece is a not so remote Cyclades island in the South Aegean sea, very close (15 minutes by ferry) to Paros island Greece. Antiparos is actually at the heart of the Cyclades. Maybe Tom Hanks, who bought a beach house there, years ago, knew something others don’t? In our recent week to Paros island, … Read more

Paros or Naxos? Where to Go For Vacations in 2023

Paros Greece

Choosing between Paros or Naxos vacations is a frequent debate when people plan for summer leisure time in the Cyclades, Greece. Are you too planning to vacate in the Cyclades, specifically Greece? Then, these are two Greek islands that are particularly outstanding and subsequently worthy of your consideration. The twin Greek islands of Paros and … Read more