25 Best Things To Do in Naxos Greece 2023

Best Things To Do in Naxos Greece

While snooping around the Cyclades, we wondered what the best things to do in Naxos, Greece, were. The island of Naxos has many beaches, but were there any other exciting locations we had to see? Naxos is the largest island of the Cyclades. Therefore they had to be. We asked the locals, and they suggested … Read more

Best Hiking Naxos Greece Routes and Details 2023

Hiking Naxos Routes: Elaiolithos to Panagia Drossiani to Chalki Village

One of the main reasons we went to the island was for hiking Naxos from Chalki Village (also known as Halki Village). Hiking Naxos seemed like a good experience before getting there. However, our trip included way more hiking routes in Naxos. Reality exceeded our expectations since both hiking and accommodation were excellent. We made … Read more

Which Are the Best Beaches in Naxos Greece in 2023?

Best Beaches in Naxos Greece

Thinking of vacationing to Naxos island, Greece, this coming spring? Ever heard of the best beaches in Naxos Greece and its hiking routes? We have a suggestion for you. Consider breaking away to Naxos Island. This is the largest of all the Mediterranean islands, which constitute the Greek Cyclades. Make sure to read all our … Read more

Best Naxos Food 2023 Away from Chora

Local Naxos Food Away From Chora

Imagine the sun rising slowly early in the morning on Naxos island. Local farmers are getting ready for all the daily work that will eventually produce the famous Naxos food, and all people are craving for. The first sounds of nature are slowly rising in a crescent that welcomes the day ahead.  Little bells tied … Read more

Paros or Naxos? Where to Go For Vacations in 2023

Paros Greece

Choosing between Paros or Naxos vacations is a frequent debate when people plan for summer leisure time in the Cyclades, Greece. Are you too planning to vacate in the Cyclades, specifically Greece? Then, these are two Greek islands that are particularly outstanding and subsequently worthy of your consideration. The twin Greek islands of Paros and … Read more