Best Hiking Tinos Island Trip 2023

Read our experience for hiking Tinos in Greece. It was not our first in Tinos island.

We love this island, as there are plenty of things to do.

For many Greeks and religious people from all over the world, Tinos is related to the spectacular church of the Virgin Mary.

According to them, miracles happen with the miraculous icon that is hosted inside the church of Panagia Megalochari.

For others, Tinos island is an island related to the torpedoing of Greek cruiser Elli during WWII.

For us, it is about sandy beaches, water mills, hiking through paved paths and experiencing panoramic views, eating good food, and experiencing the culture.

Did you know that The Tinian Marble Craftsmanship is inscribed in 2015 (10.COM) on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO?

Yet, Tinos island is an island of Cyclades (like Mykonos, Santorini, Paros, Naxos, Milos, and so many more Greek Cycladic islands).

Tinos island caries the bright sun and whitewashed colors of the Greek islands, and that is the reason people come back again and again.

Why Tinos Island, Greece Again?

We decided to visit the island to have a short break from the daily routine.

hiking tinos island greece

Tinos island is close to Athens (from Rafina port).

With the catamaran, you can be there in 2 hours. Add 30-40 minutes to get to Rafina from the center of Athens, and in less than 3 hours, you are there.

This makes it both an ideal island for short breaks, along with the option to stay there for a week or two.

Where to Stay for Hiking Tinos Island? 

We shipped on early Saturday morning and came back with the last catamaran before 10 pm.

It was the end of June and let us tell you that it wasn’t straightforward to find accommodation.

This time we stayed at the Agrogiali Hotel, in the village of Agios Sostis. The hotel was a 1-minute walking time from the beach, and it was quiet.

Hiking Tinos Island Greece

Last time we were there we stayed at Akti Aegeou Hotel in the same village.

We love hotels where you can get out of your room and get into the sea without using a car or bike. This hotel was charming. Moreover, returning to a beach house and directly diving into the cool sea after a long hike under the heat is bliss.

It is better to rent a car to get around the island of Tinos.

Best to avoid staying in the capital (Chora). The village of Agios Sostis is just 10 minutes’ driving time from Chora.

Hiking Tinos Island: The Megalithic Route of Volax Village

We said to ourselves that that weekend would be about swimming, relaxing and maybe taking one hiking route.

We did a little research and found out an interesting circular route from the famous village of Volax. If you don’t know Volax in Tinos island, then you need to read this post.

The village is small but famous for many things.

One of them is that it is close to the megalithic rocks of the area. By the way, there are plenty of areas in Greece that relate to megalithic constructions.

These rocks seem to have dropped literally from the sky. They are enormous.

Hiking Tinos Island Greece

A part of Tinos island has such rocks and resembles like being on a different planet.

Hiking Tinos Island Greece

Note: In the summertime, Tinos island is sweltering.

We started walking at 9.30 am, and soon it became scorching as there are just a few trees to provide some shade.

It is best to carry at least 1.5lt of water per person.

The route gets you through the “wilderness” and rocky environment of Tinos.

Hiking Tinos Island Greece

As you get closer to Volax, you pass through Mirsini and Falatado villages.

Hiking Tinos Island Greece
Hiking Tinos Island Greece

After these villages, you pass through a field where the huge megalithic rocks are.

Hiking Tinos Island Greece
Hiking Tinos Island Greece

Arriving at Volax village is an excellent opportunity to get food or/and refreshments on your way back, as there are cafes and taverns right at the entrance of the town.

Insiders Info for Hiking Tinos Routes

Tinos island has one of the densest and best-preserved networks of old stone-paved roads and paths in the Aegean area.

The hiking network consists of 12 marked routes full of cultural interest (a total length of 90 km).

At the same time, there are a plethora of other interconnected paths through which one can explore the whole island, coast to coast.

This network of paths expands to the most significant part of the island.

At many points, there are beautiful settlements, isolated monuments/locations of historical importance, and much natural beauty.

These routes are:

  1. Falatados – Myrsini – Magganari – Plati – Akti Livadas
  2. Xinara – Xombourgo – Koumaros – Skalados – Krokos – Loutra – Kampos – Tarampados – Smardakito.
  3. Monastery of Kechrovounio – Mountados – Sberados – Tripotamos – Xombourgo – Karia – Tzados – Monastery of Kechrovounio
  4. Kionia – Ktikados – Smourdia – Vari – Poles – Chora
  5. Falatados – Volax – Griza – Sklavochorio – Agapi
  6. Steni – Potamia – Marouli – Lichnaftia
  7. Myrsini – Profitis Elias – Korifi Tsiknia
  8. Dio Choria – Mantalou – Moni Faneromenis – Kounares – Agia Varvara – Agios Sostis
  9. Kardiani – Ormos Giannaki – Ysternia – Ormos Isternion – Pirgos – Marlas – Mamados
  10. Kalloni – Aetofolia – Koris Pirgos – Stavria – Moni Katapolianis – Platia – Pirgos
  11. Kionia – Agia Marina – Kardiani – B Evresi – Isternia
  12. Arnados – Moni Kechrovouniou – Vani – Dirafia – Kokkina – Marmaries – Chora

This information comes from the Athletic Association “Aineias Tinou” which is active at the island, by both promoting hiking and rock climbing, as well as providing information for these and organizes hiking tours. Their contact phone is +306946730291.

Where to Eat after Hiking Tinos island?

One of our friends who simply adores Tinos island sends us a list of off-beaten places to eat, drink, and have fun.

So, a big thanks for this list for Tinos belongs to our Greek friend: Nikos Prevedourakis.

We followed his suggestions to the village of Mirsini to taste the food of a tiny tavern.

The village was around 40 minutes from our hotel and a real treasure.

The village is famous for this tavern, which is not even a tavern.

There are such culinary marvels all over Tinos island.

The “tavern” is called “Tereza”. and you will not see signs leading there. Just park at the village entrance and walk the marble-paved road. You will see a church.

Go around the church from the left side and then walk the stone stairs for around 50mt.

Next to a beautiful garden, Tereza will await you. Just a few tables and lots of smiles. Don’t go there if you don’t book ahead!

We tasted: young goat meat with baked potatoes, beans (the big ones), and a salad.

Hiking Tinos Island Greece

Beans tasted sweet. We found out that they were cooked with sweet potatoes, which changed their taste.

Hiking Tinos Island Greece

The salad was a typical Greek salad, but the cheese on top was a local one called “Malathouni”. Soft and tasty and different from the traditional “Feta” that you taste on Greek salads.

The meat was melting in our mouths.

It had that taste of “home-cooked” and we believe that is the overall spirit of this place.

People come here and taste the real, local experience.

We suggest this place. By the way, it was the only tavern of Mirsini village.

Once more, hiking Tinos island enjoyably surprised us.

Maria loves Tinos island, and she wants to visit it once per year. This time I got hooked too.

Standby for more


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