12 Best Places To Visit In Greece For Couples – Cozy and Romantic!

Who doesn’t dream about running down white sandy beaches or sipping a hot cup of joe while nestled in the mountains? This is where honeymoons come in. After a long period of planning and preparing this trip gives lovebirds a much-needed respite. You researched and found the best months to visit Greece, you are ready to go.

The honeymoon marks a new phase in the lives of a newly married couple. You get to enjoy exotic locales with plenty of dopamine-infused activities all while cherishing your new beau.

It is safe to say then that choosing the right destination for your special trip is a decision that should be given a significant amount of thought.

There are many prospective destinations all over the globe, but Greece stands out among the rest. Greece is home to beautiful beaches, culture, cuisine and so so much more. It is no surprise then that Greece happens to be one of the best destinations for couples.

So, keeping up with that spirit, we have done your homework for you. Following is a list of the best places to visit in Greece for couples.

Best places to visit in Greece for Couples – Things to do and Where to Stay!

So, you have made your call, Greece it is. Next in the line of things comes planning your Greece honeymoon package itinerary. Oh, the dreaded task of planning and pondering – what would be the best bang for your buck? ( and the best use of your time? ).

If only you came across a handy-dandy resourceful article to help you. Well, you are in for a treat. We have summarised a list of the best places to visit in Greece for couples in addition to the attractions worth visiting and the places one can stay at. So, let’s start drafting that perfect itinerary already, shall we?


athens is amazing for couples
Charming street cafe in Plaka district in Athens, Greece

Athens is Greece’s capital. It makes for a mandatory stop on any Greece itinerary. One will find themselves puzzled as this city, despite its small appearance, houses a population of half a million.

The upside to this small footprint is that one can visit several attractions here on foot. Although one is treated to a sensory overload because of the chaos here, rest assured the people here are welcoming. The capital makes for a great destination year-round, but the best time to visit is during spring or fall. It is recommended that you schedule at least three days at a minimum for Athens.

Things to do

  1. Acropolis and Acropolis Museum:
    No trip to Athens is complete without visiting the Acropolis and the Parthenon Temple. So much so that if you find yourself in a time crunch, then this is the one attraction that you should not miss. We also recommend you check out the Acropolis Museum.
  2. Dining at Plaka or Psyri:
    This is the second must-visit while in Athens. While the crowds may be off-putting, the location sure makes up for the lost points. The location after all is under the Acropolis. If you are a purist in search of an authentic experience, then Psyri is the place for you.

Where to stay

  1. AthensWas Hotel: Located in the inner core, this joint combines comfort and spacious interior with finesse. The centrally located position is another upside.
  2. Royal Olympic Hotel: The biggest takeaway of this hotel is its location. It is considered royalty among Athens’s classic luxury accommodations. Opt for the Panorama rooms for a view of the Olympian Zeus. 


Nafplio Best Places To Visit In Greece For Couples
Nafplion combines castles, local color, beaches, and food and is very close to Athens

Nafplio offers its visitors a classy weekend retreat while not being too far from Athens. This automatically makes it a good day trip too. The perks of visiting Nafplio have to do with it being a hub for fashion, amazing cuisine, and wines to die for.

One is greeted with Neoclassical architecture upon walking on its polished stone alleyways and thoroughfares. Over time this town has developed into a swanky retreat frequented by people from all streams. If you are looking to experience some history, then drive down to archaeological jewels like Mycenae, Epidaurus, and Tiryns. Winters and mid-summer, both are good times to visit Nafplio.

Things to do

  1. Visit the Old Town: A big part of the charm of Nafplio is in its history preserved in the streets of the traditional quarter. So, take to the streets to soak in all of that old-school charm while dining, walking, shopping, and much more.
  2. The Bourtzi: This attraction used to be a prison back in the day. In the present-day and age, this mini fortress located near the harbour is accessible by boat and is worth visiting.
  3. Archaeological Museum: The museum records the history of the Argolis peninsula. So, if you are a history enthusiast, don’t skip on this one.

Where to stay

  1. Grand Sarai: The Grand Sarai is newly renovated and is located in the Old Town. The Venetian architecture is complemented by excellent service and an in-house bar.
  2. Gambello Luxury Rooms: This accommodation features 11 rooms housed in a Neoclassical Mansion. Some rooms also offer views of the harbour and the promenade.
  3. Ippoliti Hotel: This establishment offers luxurious accommodations close to places of interest. If you are looking for something a bit funkier check out the 3Sixty Hotels and Suites.



Thessaloniki is sure to come across as a breezy seaside resort owing to its maritime location. The pace of life is significantly laid back here when compared to Athens.

The big point worth noting here is that Thessaloniki is considered the cultural capital of Greece. But that’s not all there is to it as this town is also the culinary capital of the country. Last but not the least, if fashion is your game then you will appreciate all the trendy apparel options on the chic streets here.

Things to do

  1. Archaeological Museum: The artifacts on display here are Macedonian and Hellenistic finds. We also recommend you check out the Vergina Tombs located in Vergina.
  2.  Ladadika Quarters: This industrial district was once tumbled down. In recent years, however, it is the place to go for great food.
  3. Shopping: Head to the eastern side of Tsimiski street for the trendiest fashion boutiques. There is a large variety to choose from at a great price. If you want to maximize your savings then visit these shops during the sale seasons.

Where to stay

  1. Blue bottle boutique hotel:  This lodging is centrally located. It features funky interiors and offers considerable levels of comfort and luxury.
  2. Electra Palace Hotel: This is a 5-star accommodation. It holds its own against all of its rivals in the town. It is located on Aristotelous square in the center of the city.
  3. The Trilogy House: Visitors can choose from 7 artfully designed rooms. These are housed in a turn-of-the-century building. 


parga greece for couples

Parga is a resort town on the Ionian coastline. This town is somewhat similar to Santorini, which is great because you don’t have to leave the mainland to get here. One will observe that the settlement here is encompassed by lush vegetation.

The hill overlooks the harbour. There are some great options when it comes to beaches. We recommend you check out the night scene here as the restaurants and bars come alive post sundown.

Things to do

  1. Visit the Beaches: There is no shortage of beaches to choose from at Parga. Take your pick from Valtos, Ai Giannakis, Piso Krioneri, and the Lichnos Beach
  2. Visit the Castle of Parga: This is the same castle that can be seen from Valtos Beach. This Venetian Castle is not only a beauty in itself but also offers a panoramic view of Parga.

Where to stay

  1. Marthas Studio: This establishment is located at the top of the town. It overlooks the colourful houses and the magnificent bay. The rooms are spacious and well equipped. We recommend you try the Brazilain Cup Coffee Bar nearby,


meteora greece
View from a Meteora monastery

Meteora makes for one of the most impressive places to behold. Tourists can visit monasteries perched atop rock formations that were established hundreds of years ago. These rock formations are located in Thessaly, in northern Greece.

The views from these rocks are stunning, especially for sunsets. An added advantage is that these rocks are excellent for hiking. The monasteries located here are considered to be UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The region is also protected to preserve the habitat of rare species of flora and fauna.

Things to do

  1. Tour the Monasteries: As mentioned earlier, the monasteries located at Meteora are one of the key attractions worth checking out. These structures were hand-built. There are several options to choose from, like – the Great Meteoron Monastery, Holy Trinity Monastery, and so on and there are a few hiking routes that go through them.
  2. Visit the Mushroom Museum: The climate at Meteora makes it a perfect growing ground for Mushrooms. The Mushroom is exactly what the name suggests –  a museum of Mushrooms! Visit the museum to learn more about these intriguing fungi.

Where to stay

  1. Doupiani House Hotel: this hotel features some of the best seats in the house for viewing the Amphitheatre. The location is perfect for some amazing views and the decor is chosen rather tastefully.
  2. Anavasi Mountain Resort: Located in the Tzoumerka region, this resort is plush and has many interesting engagements to choose from like hiking, kayaking, etc to opt from.


kavala greece for couples

The city of Kavala is set on top of a hill. The settlement sure looks imposing if viewed from the sea with its huge fortresses dominating the view. It is a bustling port town, which means that there are plenty of engagements to choose from.

We recommend you head to the beaches as they are especially spectacular. With crystal clear waters and spotless sands, the beaches make for a fantastic photo op.

Things to do

  1. Visit the City Port: This is a mandatory activity when coming to Kavala. The Palm trees and cobblestone trees add to the ambiance. There are several great restaurants here to choose from on Ethnikis Antistaseos Seaside Street.
  2. Visit the Lighthouse District: makes for a great place to wander. The Sunsets are especially spectacular here and one can see as far as the islands of Thasos, and the beach of Keramiti on the east.
  3. Eleftheria Square: is the social epicenter of the city. We also recommend you check out Kapnergati Square which is home to many cafes and restaurants.

Where to stay

  1. The Imaret: this is a methodically restored first-class residence, it is located within the bounds of a monument. There are plenty of attractions nearby.
  2. Villa Anelia: These accommodations offer beachfront views and are located close to many attractions like the Archaeological Museum.


Delphi Tour Greece: Oracles, Antiquity, Galaxidi

This enchanting Greek village is built beside a cleft in the mountains and overlooks the sea. Delphi is located in central Greece and has been famous in history books for the mystic Delphic Oracle. This figure drew in people from all walks of life in search of guidance.

In modern-day and age, however, it is a diverse archaeological site and museum. The village’s main street is filled with quality eateries and lodging options. Delphi deserves about 2 days of your time so that you can fully explore all that it has to offer.

Things to do

  1. The Temple of Apollo: This hillside sanctuary is where the mystic Delphi Oracle held court. It makes a great visit, it is advised that visitors read up beforehand to better understand and appreciate this attraction.
  2. Castalian Spring and Sanctuary of Athena Pronaia: The former is a spring that was used for purification rituals. It is best enjoyed during sunrise or late at night. The latter makes for a great photo op. Historically, it is the site where pilgrims would start their journey to the Temple of Apollo.
  3. Delphi Archaeological Museum: The museum is a great addition to your trip prior to visiting the sanctuary. Visitors can learn more about the history to better understand the importance of the attractions. In addition to that, the exhibits feature artifacts from the Sanctuary.

Where to stay

  1. Acropole Delphi Hotel: This hotel features folksy decor and is located near Main street. It offers unmatched views of the valley.
  2. Fedriades Delhi Hotel: The biggest pro of this hotel is its location as it is located right on the Main street. It offers open, breezy rooms. We recommend you try the Epikouros Hotel across the street if you plan on staying here.
  3. Kastalia Boutique Hotel: This hotel offers an all-inclusive package. With airy comfortable rooms and mindblowing views, it doesn’t get any better. The in-house restaurant and panoramic views only add to the package.


ioannina greece

Ioannina can be thought of as the Scotland of Greece. The bustling mountain capital is located in the Northwestern region of Epirus. Ioannina is an important university town in the current times. This warrants a great student cafe scene.

The main highlights here are the Turkish-inspired Old Town, and walled “Kastro”. It is also the gateway to the Zagorochoria villages that seem to be right out of a fairytale.

zagorohoria greece

We also recommend you to visit the Vikos Gorge which is the deepest in the world.

Greece's Vikos Gorge: The World's Deepest Gorge in Greece

Things to do

  1. Visit the lake: Lake Pamvotis is an expansive Green Lake. Cyclists can circle around this lake by cycling about 24 KM ( hour and a half ) on the path and rural lanes around the water body.
  2. Zagori Villages and Vikos Gorge: These are chart-topping attractions. These are located 45 mins away in the Northeastern direction from Ioannina. The views of the Vikos Gorge are awe-inspiring.
  3. Kastro: Kastro is more of a small-scale city than a walled castle. It houses a whole community with hotels, a mosque, and even a Byzantine museum.

Where to stay

  1. Saz City Life Hotel: this hotel has been repurposed from old office buildings and now offers trendy urban accommodations.
  2. Guesthouse Politia: It is among the best boutique hotels, it offers a cozy space in the Old Town.
  3. Villa Vilielmini: These are luxury apartments and offer excellent views of the lake. The cafe scene is excellent here as well. 


What Is The Best Time To Travel To Greece?

The biggest takeaways from Gytheio are the laid-back vibes along with the authentic Greek atmosphere. Over time, these qualities have been somewhat lost in the other locales of the region.

Owing to its location, it serves as a great stop between the Greek mainland and the island of Crete. However, there is more to this town than simply being a connection between the two. The friendly locals and the sunny weather make this town excellent for a 2-4 day-long stay. Choose among the several restaurants that line the waterfront after walking on the recently laid pedestrian walkway. We promise you will not regret a day full of ambling followed by dining on lip-smacking dishes.

If you are looking to up the ante then head to the beach for a lazy session of sun baking and spirited swimming.

Things to do

  1. Marathonisi Islet: Historically, it is the location where the affair that started the Trojan War took place. This long, cigar-shaped islet features a lighthouse and a small tower. Its location makes it great for a sunset stroll.
  2. The Mani Peninsula: This is a land of proud people and wild terrain. It is best to explore this attraction slowly at best enjoy all that it has to offer. After all, who would want to miss out on the lands that motivated Patrick Leigh Fermor to write – “travels in the Southern Peloponnese”.

Where to stay

  1. La Boheme: This accommodation is housed in a restored neo-classical building. It features a bar, restaurant, and classic lodgings overall.
  2. Olive Yard Boutique Hotel: this establishment offers its patrons a relaxing and rural space to best enjoy the sunsets every evening.
  3. Saga Pension: It is located close to the harbour right above the best restaurant in town.


kastoria for couples

The Greek city of Kastoria is located on the periphery of Western Macedonia. This town is surrounded by limestone mountains which make for a dramatic background.

Kastoria is an important religious center, as it is a seat of the metropolitan bishopric. Historically, it had a whopping 72 Byzantine churches of which 54 are still preserved. Out of the preserved churches, some present a great insight into Fresco paintings and the Greek Orthodox style of architecture.

Things to do

  1. Byzantine Museum: the museum features collections which have Byzantine art and religious artifacts. A tour of the museum will take you no more than 2 hours.
  2. Nestorio Music Festival: The festival is held in the month of July. Visitors can enjoy contemporary and traditional Greek music while camping at the 5 day-long extravaganzas. Transport to and from the venue is facilitated by buses.
  3. Arcturos Bear Sanctuary: This wildlife sanctuary is located about 37 KM northeast of Kastoria. It is home to animals, bears, and other wild creatures.

Where to stay

  1. Hotel Doltso: This is among the best in Kastoria’s old town lodgings. The establishment features a neutral palette. It is as cozy as it is comforting.
  2. Orologopolous Mansion: The striking accommodation features a seamless blend of tradition and luxury. Like Hotel Doltso, it is located in Old Kastoria as well.
  3. Vergoula’s mansion: It is located in the Old Quarters. Over the years it has been lovingly restored and offers an old-style comfort in its living experience.


If your travel itinerary includes the less known regions of Aitolo and Akarnania, then do visit Nafpaktos. This seaside town makes for a great day or two long trips. Visitors can expect a thriving yet non-touristy laidback locale on their visit here and the best thing to do is to visit the villages in the mountains outside of the city.

nafpaktos for couples

The harbour in particular is pretty enough to feature on postcards. An upside to visiting the harbour is the numerous eateries, so you can dine with a view. Nafpaktos is located between Delphi and Olympia, so if you are looking for a decent stop, then this is the place for you.

Things to do

  1. The Harbour: As mentioned above, the harbour makes for an excellent visit on your trip to Nafpaktos. So, sit back and enjoy the views while sipping on a beverage at one of the many cafes here.
  2. Nafpaktos Castle: Although the climb is tough, the views are rewarding. The Kastro is still in decent condition despite all the years and is a good addition to your tour.
  3. Fethiye Mosque: It was built by Sultan Bayezid II. It is a magnificent sight to behold and also the venue for exhibitions during summers.  

Where to stay

  1. Apollon Library Suites: This modern concept hotel is built around the concept of reading. 12 suites are exquisitely finished with liberal use of earth tones and keeping in theme with the name of the hotel, feature mini-libraries.
  2. Arhontiko Pepos: It is located in a prime spot near the harbour. This elegant themed house is sophisticated and features 5 element themed rooms.
  3. Hotel Akti: This accommodation features rich furnishings and plush lounges. All of the rooms are tastefully furnished.


Olympia Greece

As the name suggests, Olympia is the birthplace of the Olympic games. Located in the northwestern region of Peloponnese.

Olympia makes for a fantastic addition to your trip. Take a day or two to soak in the relaxed ambiance, relish the fine dining at the friendly cafes. You will get a distinct sense of belonging, thanks to the principle of global harmony around which the games are based.

Things to do

  1. Ancient Olympia: This is where the Olympics movement started. Do not miss the Olympic flame which is lit here every two years. We recommend you take your time with this one as the grounds are expansive.
  2. Archaeological Museum: Located close by to the site, the museum displays the artifacts that were found on the site itself. We recommend you reserve a separate day entirely for this attraction.
  3. Museum of the History of the Olympic Games in Antiquity: This is a separate museum exhibit and focuses on the history of the games themselves.

Where to stay

  1. Arty Grand Hotel: As the name suggests, the hotel is focused on grandiose. There are many amenities at this country resort here, like a resort, spa, and even a pool.
  2. Hotel Europa: This resort-style hotel has a pool and an excellent outdoor restaurant.
  3. Hotel Pelops: This modest accommodation features all the basic amenities in a sensibly priced package; it is excellent for families.

This ends our guide to the best places to visit in Greece and places of interest and stays options. This, however, scratches the surface of all that Greece has to offer. Greece also has several amazing islands that offer a whole array of attractions.

To learn more, we recommend you check out the

We hope our guide to the attractions in Greece helps you plan your couples’ getaway better. We wish you a happy married life and happy travels.

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